How to design modern websites in Affinity Designer - A web design and Affinity Designer feast

Web Design in Affinity Designer Masterclass

How to design modern websites in Affinity Designer – A web design and Affinity Designer feast
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If you are thinking about starting out as a web designer you have probably tried to harness Photoshop sometime in the past.   

You probably spent countless hours trying to figure out that monstrous program.   

I know the pain.   

I remember spending days after days, weeks after weeks just to remember how tools and effects work.   

Luckily we live in times when if you want to start a career as a web design freelancer, you can just put Photoshop aside.   

Hi, my name is Dawid Tuminski and in this course you will learn how to use Affinity Designer to design websites from A-Z.   

This course is packed with valuable info any web design rookie should know, such as:   

How to choose the BEST colors and fonts for your websites   

What makes a professionally designed website   

What are the modern web design trends you should know about   

How to build website’s visual guides, such as wireframes and grids   

…and that’s just the introduction!   

Because the real bread and butter of this course is inside its practical parts.   

We will get our hands dirty and explore all the tools and techniques professional web designers use to design a website inside Affinity Designer.   

That includes:   

Building wireframes and grids – the building blocks of every website   

Using assets to make the design process ultra-fast   

Creating text styles that let you change fonts in a blink of an eye   

And of course designing a website

You will learn how to design it form opening a file, through placing images, adding text and backgrounds right up to exporting the design you would ultimately hand out to a client.   

There’s a lot of good stuff to cover and I truly believe that once you’ve completed the course and practiced on your own, you will start creating amazing website designs in Affinity Designer in no time.   

And to make things easier, this course comes with a lot of downloadable resources:   

Presentations you can open up on your tablet or smartphone to revise the lecture when you are commuting   

The design files you can explore to get the real feel of a website design   

And images and icons needed to make recreating the design effortless   

This is a  more than a 4 hour long web design and Affinity Designer bundle. Every step of the process is explained thoroughly, but without the yaaaaaawn parts.   

Please notice one thing.   

This course is not about learning all there is to know about Affiinity Designer.   

It’s a course for those who already got the basics of the software and would love to learn how to use their skills to design websites.   

We won’t be looking at each and every tool to find out what it does.   

We will however go deep on those tools that we will be specifically using for web design purposes.

I mean, if you don’t know jack about the software, you can always take a look at my Affinity Designer for Beginners course here on Udemy.

But of course, if you have any questions along the way, I will be more than happy to answer them.   

I am here to help, so you can rest assured that you won’t be left out on your own when something is not clear and needs a more personalized explanation.   

Also, don’t forget that you are totally covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.No questions asked.

So if you don’t want to spend ages on learning overly complicated software and you don’t want to visit your bank to ask for loans just to get that software, give Affinity Designer a try.   

Give this course a try.   

And I’d love to see you inside!

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How to design modern websites in Affinity Designer - A web design and Affinity Designer feast

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