Digital Watercolor Illustration in Adobe Fresco

Watercolor Painting in Adobe Fresco on iPad

Digital Watercolor Illustration in Adobe Fresco
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Join me to create a a beautiful and magical watercolor misty forest in Adobe Fresco!

Hello and Welcome to the class!

In this class, I will introduce you to the Live brushes, especially watercolor brushes in Fresco. We will create a real watercolor misty forest in Adobe Fresco on you iPad. Adobe Fresco is a drawing app that can be used on iPad, Surface Pro and Wacom tablets. If you ever wanted to create those magical scenes with the real watercolor effect on a digital platform, Adobe Fresco fills the gap. This app comes with amazing Live Brushes which give the exact real feel of watercolors and oil paints. Now you don’t need to spend a ton on traditional supplies. You can easily achieve the traditional watercolor results using this app.

I will go through the basic tools of Adobe Fresco to get you familiar with the interface. Then we will talk about how to get inspiration and create a color palette. Then we will move along and create a beautiful magical piece step by step.

The class is divided into easy to follow lessons. Even if you are a beginner with Fresco, you will find it so simple to follow along and bring out you own beautiful painting at the end of the class.

Our project in the class is to create a magical misty forest or any other scene of your choice using Adobe Fresco on you tablet. I will be using iPad Pro and Apple Pencil but you are most welcome to use any tablet and stylus that you may have.(Provided it is compatible with the App)

You can check the System Requirements for using Adobe Fresco below:


If you have an active account on Adobe Creative Cloud, you can simply go to your tablet and download Adobe Fresco using your Adobe ID. If you don’t have an account yet, you can get the 7 day FREE TRIAL HERE

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Watercolor on iPad
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Digital Watercolor Illustration in Adobe Fresco

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