Build your own timing models

VSD – Library characterization and modelling – Part 2

Build your own timing models
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This webinar was conducted on 28th April, 2018

We are going to present « Characterization with GUNA : A characterization tool by Paripath ». We will go through the characterization flows – flows which are popular for standard cells, memories, IP’s. Within that, we will cover timing, noise, power and variation as 4 main topics of the characterization. Each one of those is expected to have a lab, where instructor will run GUNA as a standalone software and generate the models.

We will also clarify some concepts on chip variation, like what kind of variation exists (AOCV, POCV, SBOCV, LVF, etc), how do we tackle/model that, shortcoming of each on of this models and how do we move down the node, changing our model to account for some of the facts that show up in every transition to a new advanced node

So lot of exciting thing to be presented, and, the biggest thing about this webinar is the Instructor himself – Rohit Sharma.

About Instructor:

Rohit Sharma is Founder and CEO of Paripath Inc based in Milpitas, CA. He graduated from IIT Delhi. He has authored 2 books and published several papers in international conferences and journals. He has contributed to electronic design automation domain for over 20 years learning, improvising and designing solutions. He is passionate about many technical topics including Machine Learning, Analysis (above image), Characterization and Modeling, which led him to architect Guna – an advanced characterization software for modern nodes. He currently works for Paripath Inc.

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
Anyone who is looking forward for hands-on industry examples on characterization
GUNA is an industry-grade characterization software, so anyone curious to know how industry level characterization engine works, this, alongwith Library charaterization Part 1, is a perfect course
Anyone interested in learning and knowing more in the field of VLSI, are welcome
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Build your own timing models

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