Origins, codes and Brands' history

The Fundamentals of Branding in Luxury

Origins, codes and Brands’ history
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Luxury Marketing 101 is the ideal first interaction with the Luxury and fashion industry. Understanding the roots of Luxury and how it is now linked to a prosperous business field is key.

Luxury Marketing 101 course will guide you through the prestigious codes of Luxury, the typology of Luxury perceptions and the birth of the only business sector that is not affected by any economical crisis.

There are many names to describe Luxury but only one experience. The world of Luxury is in the midst of a renaissance. Sophisticated and thought-provoking, it seeks to re-evaluate tradition, challenge old assumptions and reimagine the future.

And what about marketing? Some will say true Luxury Houses don’t use marketing. What is the most powerful marketing strategies had been created to create this highly desired field that is Luxury? All of this is explained for you in this course.

Few companies have truly embodied Luxury and made the name synonymous with high quality. How did they do it? How marketing influenced their success? Chanel, Lanvin, Poiret, in this course, we will reveal their success recipes and their transformation into iconic Brands and empires.

With Luxury Marketing 101 course, your goals are:

– To engage proficiently in the conversation about Luxury Brands and the Luxury fashion industry

– To learn about the luxury field and get inspired for your own career in marketing

– Get familiar with the big names and their success stories and get inspired for your own Brand

Following the entire course will grant you LMA (Luxury Marketing Academy based in Paris) Certification at the end.

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
Those that want to start their own premium or luxury brand
Those looking to start a career in luxury/marketing/premium fields without prior knowledge
Marketing students and graduates looking to advance their knowledge
Students in fashion design / design industries who wish to learn more about luxury
Marketing specialists
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Origins, codes and Brands' history

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