Blender Basics to Pro: Deep Dive, No Experience? No Problem! Start from Scratch, Get Deeply Skilled!

The 2024 Blender Primer: 3D Modeling, Animation & Rendering

Blender Basics to Pro: Deep Dive, No Experience? No Problem! Start from Scratch, Get Deeply Skilled!
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Lean the whole creation pipeline.

This up-to date course is the absolute brand new and trending English version of Udemy’s most successful Blender 3D Course in Spanish. The instructor has over 10,000 happy students and great reviews. Refer to the teacher’s rating to confirm his several years of experience and course creation history. We invite you to dive right into this incredible course!

This course works even the newly released 4.0x version of the Blender software!

Do you wish to Start Learning Blender 3D? Do you wish to learn about 3D Modeling, Animation, & Rendering, All in One? You’ve come to the right place! Look no Further! And you don’t need to have any previous experience, not even a little bit, and you’ll learn all the ins and outs of 3D Design. It’s my promise to you!

We aim to also make this one of the cheapest courses on the platform. We want you to learn as much as possible. This is about you, not us.

Why should you choose us?

We are porting our already very successful Udemy Blender 3D Course from Spanish to English. It has been featured extensively in the platform for a few years, and it was my wish to bring this knowledge to more of you guys.

And Even Better, we added tons of new content and exercises for you to enjoy! We also made it more compact and most classes go straight to the point.

My Spanish Blender course enjoyed more than 3000 happy students and favorable reviews. I’m sure you will enjoy this one! We have our arms wide open now to reach a whole new audience!

What will we learn here?

Guys, we are going very in depth on this one. Very. I make sure you understand precisely and completely what every button does, where everything is, how to use each tool and why it should be used. We don’t just gloss over things.

To put it simply: I don’t just give you the recipe so you can follow blindly, I teach you how to cook and make sure you can cook on your own. I insist guys, expect a very in depth course of all the features.

And finally, with my background in technical computer graphics, you will not just learn how to do things, but also why.

The best Primer out there.

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
Anyone who wishes to learn Blender From Scratch.
Anyone who wishes to add to their knowledge of 3D Graphics and Blender 3D.
Anyone who comes from Maya, 3D Max, Cinema 4D, etc., and wishes to learn Blender.
Anyone who wishes to learn the computer graphics theory that goes behind the scenes of a 3D Software.
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Blender Basics to Pro: Deep Dive, No Experience? No Problem! Start from Scratch, Get Deeply Skilled!

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