Learn 3D texturing techiques to create your own custom digital gift

Substance Painter – Digital Gift

Learn 3D texturing techiques to create your own custom digital gift
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Design and customize a digital gift for someone you truly care about whilst learning Substance Painter techniques along the way. Texture a 3D asset with the colors and patterns of your choice. Make it truly special by adding your very own picture within the frame. All of it and more can be found within this course.

Creating basic materials

The course will help you grasp the basics of substance painter software and how one can make basic materials. Using fill layers in combination with custom masks, you will learn how to texture sections of an object in a non-destructive way.

Creating patterns

Learn how to create customizable patterns within Substance Painter using alpha stamps with ease. Cover the gift wrap to your own liking using texturing techniques that will allow you to easily adjust and scale the pattern to fit the mesh.

Color 3D asset using baked textures

Find out how you can create additional detail to a 3D model using Substance Painter generated texture maps. Create color variations to add additional depth to your work using this simple masking method.

Creating fabric material

Learn how to create realistic looking fabric that can be applied onto a 3D model. Find out how you can make use out of a textured material’s properties to get the desired look. The video lessons will provide you with a quick and simple way for texturing a teddy bear and a way for making customization to it including color variations and pattern scaling.

Adding custom image

Learn how you can import any type of image onto the Substance painter. Find out how you can properly set up a picture within the software with zero distortion and how you can align it on a 3D object. This Substance Painter course will teach you a quick and simple way on how you can place any image within your 3D digital asset.

Writing any text

Find out how you can create any type of text within Substance painter with ease. Write your own message using a variety of fonts. The course will teach you how you can easily customize it, scale it and even add an outliner to the text.

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Learn 3D texturing techiques to create your own custom digital gift

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