Structural Analysis and design of Five Storey RCC building from Scratch in Etabs (Real Project)

Structural Design of Buildings using Etabs Software

Structural Analysis and design of Five Storey RCC building from Scratch in Etabs (Real Project)
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This course is mainly designed to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge and it teaches you all the basic things you need for analyzing and designing an RCC structure. This helps you to understand all the basic concepts of Structural Analysis which is the backbone of Structural Design and continues to the process of design and detailing of the structure. This course ensures that you do not need to have any prior experience in structural analysis and design software.

The systematic arrangement of this course helps to you learn the software and all the concepts from scratch and will take you to the next level. At end of this course, students will be thought how to make a safe and economical structure as per industrial standards.

This course starts by explaining the concepts of structural Analysis and the relation between structural analysis and design, the concepts of structural members, how to study the architectural drawings, how to locate the column positions, how to make a framing plan, how to make plinth beam layout, how to arrive the preliminary size of all the structural members, how to create grid model in Etabs, how to define material properties with stress-strain curve explanation, how to define & assign member properties, load transfer mechanism, detailed explanation of load calculation for all structural members including staircase, wind load, and seismic load calculation, define and assigning loads, load combinations, structural analysis, post analysis check, structural design in Etabs, design and detailing of all the structural members as per codes and standards.

This course will be useful for civil engineers and structural engineers.

Indian Standard codes like IS-456:2000, IS-875 Part-1, IS-875 Part-2, IS-875 Part-3, IS- 1893-2016, IS-13920, and IS-16700 are explained as per the requirement.

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Civil Engineers
Structural Engineers
Any one who is curious to learn about structural engineering
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Structural Analysis and design of Five Storey RCC building from Scratch in Etabs (Real Project)

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