Streamyard is Your Fast-Track to LiveStreaming Success

Streamyard Strategies for Speakers

Streamyard is Your Fast-Track to LiveStreaming Success
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If you’re serious about speaking in our COVID0-conscious culture, you’ve got to start livestreaming right now.

Streamyard for Speakers is your fast-track to stepping into online opportunities to share your messages anytime, from anywhere, alone or with any guests you choose.

This course includes everything you need, in step-by-step video tutorials, to streamline your introduction to livestreaming to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and more through the powerful platform of Streamyard.

You’ll not only discover the exact steps and shortcuts to get you up and livestreaming quickly and easily, but you will actually set it all up as you go. You’ll be ready to roll* in less than two hours by simply watching the 1-3 minute videos (at regular or fast speed), and pausing between to take your next action step.

Do not wait for the perfect studio set-up, expensive equipment or to magically become tech-savvy. Other speakers who have none of the above are already livestreaming. Why not you?

Furthermore, why wait until you miss a golden invite because you weren’t ready to fo live?

Take this course and set your Streamyard up today! Get positioned to gain credibility, increase your visibility and land speaking gigs that require livestream skills.

This course introduces you to the tools and strategies you need to go from invisible to livestreaming immediately. In « Mentor Marnie’s » unique « Marnie Minute » format, everything here is fast, direct and will get you going before you miss another opportunity.

Two Hours from Now You Will Know How To:

Go live on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and more, anytime you want

Preschedule future Livestreams to allow time to invite guests and promote

Invite viewers via any social media outlet, email and/or text messaging

Record video clips to use in your social posts or as advance marketing for your upcoming events

Brand your videos, apply cover art and add a marketing ticker to the bottom of your livestreams

Share comments to the screen from viewers live in the chat area (even while streaming to multiple social channels)

And so much more!

This course is fast and exactly what you need to get up to speed today. It includes examples, templates and tutorial videos so you can implement what you are learning at top speed.

Learning how to livestream via Streamyard will take you from antiquated to top-tier in two hours or less. You’ll emerge with the skills, tools and confidence you need to outshine most other speakers who are still stuck pre-COVID or on limited platforms like Zoom.

Gain the reputation of a speaker who is READY.

Gain momentum as a speaker who wisely and confidently maximizes livestreaming by using Streamyard.

Being able to go live anytime is a critical skill for speakers who are serious about booking on-premise and on-line events.

Streamyard for Speakers is neither intimidating nor complex, it’s simply the fastest and most effective way for you to move from off-line to on-line speaking ASAP because two hours from now you’ll know exactly what to do and be ready to create instant or pre-scheduled livestream video programs.

« Mentor Marnie » is not only the creator of « Marnie Minutes » but also the director of the Christian Women’s Speaker’s Directory promoting over 1300 speakers to planners around the world. She has helped speakers get booked at thousands of events around the world. Right now, more than ever, it is imperative that speakers are experienced and ready to go live at any time.

Marnie is uniquely equipped to lovingly lead you from your current discomfort zone with the idea of livestreaming using Streamyard, to a whole new level of visibility, faster than you can believe possible.

By the end of this course you will be able to confidently, effectively and immediately go live on YouTube and/or up to eight of your social  platforms anytime. By doing so, you will gain credibility, visibility and bookability to reach more with your message starting right now.

Register for the course now and let’s get you going!

*While you will be ready, it may take YouTube and other channels up to 72 hours to approve your Streamyard request.

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Public speakers who want to up their visibility and credibility while increasing their invitability for YouTube based collaborations and summits.
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Streamyard is Your Fast-Track to LiveStreaming Success

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