With Real Time Case Study and Case Method

Staging of IRA GRASS Text- Editorial Design Master Class TM

With Real Time Case Study and Case Method
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About  the Master Class:

This course will teach you about the graphics design and editorial design part and its basic elements and structure of it. Along with this you are going to study with a real time case study of staging of IRA GRASS text in different different manners like when you are colour options , picture options etc and when you are given only a few elements how to approach the same.

Design philosophy:

As I used to say in my design courses, that design cannot be learned in the rot learning way or Text book learning way that you learn through a chapter and remember some formulas that will yield you some solutions. Design is unique and when different people approach the same we will get different solutions based on the inputs that designer works on.

So design can be approached in the way of learning through the case studies and by doing action on your own to learn yourself.

Learning by doing and learning by action.

Benefits of the Master Class:

Analysing the study of various graphic design aspect from space management, grid alignment, choosing of typefaces, choosing of colours and creating characters along with that learning certain laws like

Gestalt law of psychology,

Heuristics principles of Jakob Nielsen,

With the elements in the picture how do you take graphic design aspects and apply to your context or text or words in order to make a proper meaning of it

Beautifying with the minimal elements what we have when the same IRA GRASS text is staged with basic shapes like triangle, circles, rectangles and how it can be spread across.

How creatively using the same triangles and circles to stretch and use it multiple times showcasing the real creativity of how design can be done with minimal elements and still meaning and content can be created out of it

How as a beginner one can start seeing the graphic design aspects of typography, colours, space grid management connecting pictures with visual text and creating meaning in it etc.

Designing of booklets and how to manage printing option when it comes to seeing like spreads, and fold and creases so as to not lose the content over the creases and binds

How to work in a project real time when you are given Minimal freedom to work and particularly in a shorter span of time to accomplish some design goals with the creativity that we got and making use of the resources effectively.

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Anyone who wants to learn Editorial Design skills with real time case studies
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With Real Time Case Study and Case Method

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