Siemens NX CAD Essential Training

Siemens NX CAD Essential Training

Siemens NX CAD Essential Training
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In this « Siemens NX CAD Essential Training » program you will experience a unique successful method with hands on with more then 50+  practice exercises.

This course is designed for students who are new to NX CAD as well as working in any company who had learned any NX CAD course long time ago and just want a brush up on the tools and operation quickly and use in their projects immediately.

Even if you presently know nothing about 3D Design and Siemens NX CAD this course is geared to accelerate you professional development and validate your skills in solid and surface modeling.

NX CAD with Synchronous Technology (Synchronous Modeling) is a computer-aided design (CAD) system for mechanical assembly, part modeling, drawing production, and simulation. NX CAD boosts essential CAD user productivity by capturing engineers’ solid modeling design intentions through inference logic and decision-management concepts. Synchronous technology in NX makes it possible to modify the design of any model, without having to know how it was constructed.

You will learn:

How to navigate through the NX CAD interface and basic tools.

How to sketch with different sketch commands like profile, line, trim etc.

How to define sketches using constraint or dimensional constraints.

How to use different features to create 3D models. (extruded boss and cut, fillet, chamfers, revolved boss and cut, swept boss and cut, lofted boss  tube and cut etc)

How to create additional reference planes and coordinate system.

How to modify given parts (solid and surface) to match design needs with more then 30+ exercises.

How to add different materials for your models.

How to design sheet metal parts and modify it with some exercises.

How to assemble different parts into an assembly design and how to generate motion (Engine assembly).

How to generate drawings from parts, Assembly, surface and models.

How to work with surface models.

How to generate drafting of any model solid surface and sheet metal.

How to generate Motion Simulation for Assembly design.

Who this course is for:

Students – Engineers Mechanical Design? – Want to improve their job skills?

Students interested in 3D.

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Technical students
Diploma mechanical
BTech Mechanical
Any technical person
First Timer Professionals
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Siemens NX CAD Essential Training

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