Perform common tasks to create and manage MEP families in your project in English

Revit Families for Mechanical Engineers (English)

Perform common tasks to create and manage MEP families in your project in English
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Revit is a design and documentation platform that supports the design, drawings, and schedules required for building information modeling (BIM), and allows for coordination among all team members.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

Know about Revit and BIM technology. Starting the software and recognize user interface. Control the saving reminder, assign default view discipline, apply color theme, customize the keyboard shortcuts, control the working of double-click mouse, and place the location of ready-made templates and library files. The safe and easy way to open the standalone file. Assign a starting view. Recognize project user interface.

Create an account at Autodesk site for education to download a software, start of signing up till installing an appropriate software, and discuss some issues and how we can solve them.

Talking about Elements in Revit, and how we can make relations between them using Constraints. The difference between type and instance properties. Ways to select the various kinds of elements in a project. The function of TAB key. Create, save and modify a selection. How to control size of the element graphically.

Start talking and recognizing Families: their different kinds, and when you can use each of them.

Create an instance of a family type in the project, or change the family type for an existing element.

Use the Family Editor to make changes to existing families or to create new families.

How to create a simple AC unit with duct, electrical, and pipe connectors. Beginning from a specific template supplied with Revit, using the tools in the Family. When we finish the family, it will be tested in a sample project before using it to create elements in the projects.

How to create a custom family for gas systems used in some medical applications, start from placing a pipe connectors, adjust the diameter for each connector and the gas fluid for each pipe, then insert the family into the project. and create pipe system, and an appearance for each pipe.

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Perform common tasks to create and manage MEP families in your project in English

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