Interior design create 2D plans and 3D renders with Planner 5D

Planner 5D the complete course

Interior design create 2D plans and 3D renders with Planner 5D
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Planner 5D

Planner 5D is a software that allows you to create a 2D plan and obtain real time 3D rendering. This software is specialized for interior design, but it is also possible to expand on exterior design. The software allows to optimize all interior designs thanks to the click and drop system with preset sizes. Indeed, it is quick to add doors, windows, or even furniture thanks to its vast library. The change to the 3D view is very powerful with a real time of the design. Thus, we can move around the rooms to see the design, exactly like we were walking inside the rooms. Then it is possible to export the views. Planner 5D has a free version and a paid version. The free version gives access to all features, but only allows normal renderings, and does not allow access to the entire image library. The paid version give access to all the library and better renderings.

Who is the software for?

– Individuals who want to create a rendering of their future apartment, house or simply design a room.

– Entrepreneurs who work for interior design. This ergonomic tool makes it possible to make presentations and renderings for clients, both in 2D and 3D views.

– Real estate agencies who want an ergonomic tool to give ideas to clients and create renderings of projects.

Training course

In this training you will learn how to use Planner 5D online tool. Step by step, you will be able to efficiently create your room, house or apartment designs. Use of the dashboard, navigation management, mastery of the various design tools to create your 2D plan. Navigating between 2D and 3D views, you will see how to perfectly create walls, rooms, set room parameters, add furnitures, colors and materials. You will see how to create renders. You will also learn how to extend the design to a terrace and garden layout. A complete project of creating a house will allow to see all the features seen in the course.

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
Individuals who want to create their house or room design
Designers who want ergonomic tool to create projects and create presentations
People who want efficient tool for interior design
Real estate agencies
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Interior design create 2D plans and 3D renders with Planner 5D

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