BEGINNER to MASTERY. Quick systematic and complete course to learn PCB Design using KiCad.

PCB Design with KICAD from Basic to Advanced

BEGINNER to MASTERY. Quick systematic and complete course to learn PCB Design using KiCad.
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Become a KiCad professional and learn one of employer’s most requested skills nowadays!

KiCad is an open-source, free-to-use,  tool for PCB design. It is the world’s most popular open-source PCB tool for electronics engineers and hobbyists.

KiCad is supported by a dedicated team of developers and a growing community of users and contributors.

This course is designed so that students, engineers, electronics hobbyists can use KiCad software from scratch to use it in a practical and professional way. If you have no experience in the software, you will be equally capable of understanding everything and you will finish the course with total mastery of the subject.

After several years working as an Engineer, I have realized that nowadays mastering KiCad for the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design is very necessary in engineering, electronics or other industrial applications. KiCad is an open source software, and that is why it is one of the leaders in the industry and its demand is increasing.

What I want is to contribute my grain of sand and teach you all those things that I would have liked to know in my beginnings and that nobody explained to me. In this way, you can learn to solve a wide variety of projects quickly and make versatile and complete use of KiCad.

–>We will learn KICAD in the following steps

Installation of KiCad software on your system.

Introduction to KiCad and course dynamics

Familiarization with the user interface and KiCad features

Project setup and basic KiCad Commands and Preferences

Design Schematic

Comprehensive focus on Design PCB Board, from zero to advanced (set-up, wiring, 3D view, routing, Design Rule Check – DRC…)

Understanding Manufacturing Files (BoM, CPL, Gerber, Drill…)

Making our own library

Full use of KiCad Spice Simulation

Mastery and application of absolutely ALL the functionalities and tools of the software

//*Practical exercises and much more!**//

Whether PCB design is a requirement or a hobby for you, you are going to enjoy the course!

Watch the free lectures in the first section to get more information about this course.

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
Electronics Enthusiasts
People who want to pursue in field of PCB design
Every Engineer in field of product development.
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BEGINNER to MASTERY. Quick systematic and complete course to learn PCB Design using KiCad.

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