A full-fledged training system for future character creators in Blender.

NEW. All in one Blender Character creation for beginners.

A full-fledged training system for future character creators in Blender.
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Ce que vous allez apprendre dans ce cours



A full-fledged training system for future character creators in Blender.

-It includes instruction on the basics of using the software

-character modeling


-baking deformation maps




-rendering process.

Hello, my name is Ilya Khlyinin. I am a 3D artist and a lecturer with 3 years of teaching experience in 3D modeling at the « Specialist » training center, affiliated with Bauman University. I made this system because i still remember how hard it was to learn everything from scratch when i just started my 3d modeling journey.I didn’t know where to find specific information, and I had to learn everything from various sources and then piece it together during practice.

With this system, you will forget about the need for additional sources of information for a while. This course will fully engage you for at least a month, and you will learn how to work in Blender from absolute scratch. Step by step, I will guide you through the process of creating a character from our very first polygon to a beautiful render in the Cycles render engine.

So let me  provide you with the details of what you can expect from the course:

-First, we will quickly familiarize ourselves with the Blender interface

-We will then explore viewport navigation

-How to create and delete objects

-We will learn the tools

-Basic 3d modeling concepts

-Local and global transform orientations

-Origin and 3d cursor

-Outliner tab

-Orthogonal views


-Than we will explore the components

-Component selection

-Component tools like






-And so on , in reality, we will explore almost all the tools, so I won’t list the rest.

At this stage, you will acquire the minimum set of knowledge that will allow you to comfortably proceed to the practical part of the course where we will:

-Set our reference images

-Start our modeling process with only one polygon

-We will begin studying modeling techniques that will enable you to model almost any character, except for hyper-realistic ones

-We will model the face with an interior mouth and eyes so that the character can speak and smile

-The body and limbs with high-quality topology that will allow for easy posing and animating the character

-We will model clothing and accessories

-We will learn the technique of creating hairstyles using curves

-We will explore sculpting mode to create folds on pants and to create hairstyle

-We will learn how to create lowpoly and bake normal maps in Blender

After we finish modeling, we will move on to the process of applying materials and texturing

-We will explore how the material system works in Blender

-We will learn how to apply textures

-We will create our own unique texture in Krita (Free photoshop analogue) and import it to blender

After we are satisfied with the model’s appearance, we will move on to the rigging stage

-Where we will prepare our model to the rigging

-Create our armature with Riggify addon

-Place the armature(we will do face rig too)

-Create the rig

-Explore all rig controls

-We will learn how to use Cage object to smoothly transfer weights on our high poly mesh(Data transfer)

-Attach meshes to rig

-Weight paint problematic areas

After our rig will be ready we will pose the character and Render it with Cycles Engine to create Beautiful picture.

U can see Render results on course thumbnail by the way.

-So we will create backdrop

-Make a light setup

-Learn a little bit about the сapabilities of Blender in render process

-Create a fog with a volumetric container

-Look briefly at blender render settings

-Make a render

And that is basically it. In addition to this, you will learn a lot about human anatomy.

All the videos in the course (except for one hair timelapse , which, I promise, will not be a problem for you ) are recorded in real-time, so you won’t be able to fall behind or get lost during the course.

See you all in comments . I will always be available to answer any questions you may have and provide any additional information that may be of interest to you. Chao.

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Novices in Blender
People eager to learn 3D modeling from scratch
People interested in delving deeper into or advancing in the field of character creation
People wanting to learn the processes of rigging, posing, and rendering
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A full-fledged training system for future character creators in Blender.

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