Useful Technique For Modeling In 3Ds Max And Rendering By Corona Renderer

Modern Interior Visualization Workshop

Useful Technique For Modeling In 3Ds Max And Rendering By Corona Renderer
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In this tutorial, I tried to divide it into five parts in order to explain everything completely.

1- In the first part, modeling is explained, how to create a building and, how to make 2D of designs into a 3D model, how to export Cad file into 3Ds Max. The checking unit setup is explained as well. In this part Editable poly is used as the major modifier for modeling besides some other useful modifiers like Shell, Extrude, Floor generator and etc. I introduced some useful websites for downloading high-quality furniture.

2- In the second part, setting cameras is explained completely. In this tutorial, there are several views, 3 main views, and 3 close-up views. Therefore, some parameters needed to be changed that I explained in this part.

3- In the third part, lighting is necessary to be taught. Simulating natural light beside artificial lights is the major part. I explained most parameters in lighting which were used in this scene.

4- In the fourth part, creating diverse materials is discussed. How to make marble stone, parquet, wood, wall color, cabinet color and etc. This part is so crucial for having a realistic result.

5- In the final step, render setup and its parameters were taught. Some items had to be changed for having the best quality. After rendering how to make post-production with the CXR file is completely explained

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
All architecture students.
Professional and armature interior designers who seeks to standout in terms of presentation.
All architects who have some interest in CGI presentation
Current 3ds Max users who want to learn how to work with Corona renderer.
Anyone who may interested in rendering
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Useful Technique For Modeling In 3Ds Max And Rendering By Corona Renderer

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