You'll master design in Sketch 4.0, prototype within Invision, and create specs and version control for your designs

Mobile App Design: From Beginner to Intermediate

You’ll master design in Sketch 4.0, prototype within Invision, and create specs and version control for your designs
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Have you ever wondered how those beautiful apps are made?

What are the best practices and tools currently used by designers?

How can I start my career in design?

If you ever wanted to understand the space of mobile design, then take my course « Mobile App Design: From Beginner to Intermediate ». I created it in a practical way so that when you finish the content you can immediately put it to use in your product.

Now, why should you design mobile apps?

Today, advanced technology needs user friendly interfaces. Developers and non-technical folks want to make their applications more appealing and easy to use. There is a reason why so many people started to use Apple products, their design is their main product selling point. Going forward, people developing products need to make sure their users have that great experience.

Another great reason is lots of companies want to hire designers. This has been a growing trend recently where UI Designers in the US make upwards of $80,000 USD. With this course, I’ll teach you the relevant tools to get your product designed well, build out your designer portfolio, and land that next job in design.

This course contains over 100 lectures and 10 hrs of content. It’s designed for beginners to play with new software and get a grasp at the recent design trends. You’ll learn the tools and best practices needed to be a great designer. I also throw in bonus content on getting a designer job with techniques and sample emails. 

Course Structure

The course follows a familiar structure where in each video I will teach the concepts followed by a challenge or practice question. If your goal is to become a better designer, you should understand design principles, other graphics softwares like Photoshop and build out a massive up-to-date portfolio. The course does go deep into understanding Sketch but you will need to get creative to build new UI experiences.

Environment Setup

This course aims to simulate a live in-person course as much as possible. After you finish each lecture, you should practice and try the solution on your own. You learn the best by practicing and doing. 


At the end of each section, you will be asked to quizzes or be given a challenge. When you have finished a challenge you can then post it in the Udemy discussion board or your online portfolio. 

Testimonials from other Techustler Courses and the Instructor

“Great set of videos Nick! I really liked the format of the videos with you in the corner of the screen showing us how to use the website. Cool songs you use at the beginning of each video. It really gives off the vibe that your course is hip and up-to-date with modern times. You do a great job of keeping of with the times. Stay modern, but classy at the same time Nick!” – Penelope

“Nicholas, very good course on bots! I especially enjoyed that you provided us the opportunity to build bots in a hands-on fashion. Your course sections are very organized and I didn’t have to guess to know what I was getting myself into. It is clear you are very knowledgeable as an instructor and have a real connection to your course material. I look forward to taking another course with you!” – Rahul

« I love the natural progression in this course. You start with the basics and end with building a Facebook Chat Bot. Awesome! Thanks Nick! » – Doug

« Thank you so much Nicholas! The bot course was very informative and helpful for my learning. Keep up the good work! » – Christine

« It was a highly positive experience working alongside Nick at DigaBlue and with the work ethic he has, I am certain that he will produce great results in his future endeavors. » – Saif

« Nick is an aspiring tech entrepreneur with what I would consider a strong passion and desire to learn more and excel in the evolving digital age. He is an experienced programmer with a track record of creating both his own website and various mechanical devices. » – Elliot

« This is a really good intro course to building simple but useful bots. Nick breaks each lesson up thoughtfully and into parts that are easy to follow and implement straight away. With modern api’s to make bots from simple to highly sophisticated, this course it great for learning all the moving parts. I feel more confident in designing, building and marketing a bot myself now! » – Jason

What is the target audience?

This course is designed for people with little or no experience in mobile app design. By the end of the course, you’ll have valuable skills that will help you be creative and resourceful in designing products 🙂

Next Steps

Now it’s time to become a Techustler and join me in registering for the course. I can’t wait to have you on board!

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The course is meant for beginners in graphic design to experts that want to learn Sketch
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You'll master design in Sketch 4.0, prototype within Invision, and create specs and version control for your designs

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