Learn a Range of Illustrator Tools & Techniques to Efficiently Create Precise Geometric Designs & Boost Your Creativity

Mastering Geometric Grid-Based Designs in Adobe Illustrator

Learn a Range of Illustrator Tools & Techniques to Efficiently Create Precise Geometric Designs & Boost Your Creativity
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Level up your Illustrator skills & unleash your creativity by taming & mastering a range of tools & techniques for creating precise, eye-catching & unique geometric designs in Adobe Illustrator with our special tips & workflows ranging from beginner to advanced levels.

It is fascinating how many completely different things you can create by only using geometric elements as a basis for your design! Working with geometric shapes and creating precise, coherent and original work can seem like a complex and laborious process, but it does not have to be! Versatile tools available in Adobe Illustrator make the creation of even more elaborate geometric designs relatively quick and painless, and with this course I invite you to tame and master a range of Illustrator tools & techniques so you can easily work with precision, speed up your workflow and unleash your creativity by focusing on the most fun and important part of the creative process which is experimenting with different compositions and developing your visual ideas!

I am Evgeniya Righini-Brand, a graphic designer with 5 years experience teaching graphic design at university and an online teacher with over 140k students. In this course I will share with you my special tips, tricks & workflows for creating bold, eye-catching & unique geometric designs in Adobe Illustrator and my favourite game-changing approach to developing and using custom geometric grids as a creative instrument and structural basis for your designs. Apart from showing you how to take full advantage of Adobe Illustrator’s tools and techniques, I will also share with you how to methodically develop and tackle creating geometric designs one step at a time, and highlight design principles and considerations to help you make conscious design decisions and push the boundaries of your creativity.

Whether you are into creating elaborate geometric designs, or something minimalistic, or something in-between, this course will provide you with a framework which you can use to create:

surface patterns;

print designs,

illustrations & graphic art;

digital lettering & custom typefaces;

packaging designs;

logos* & icons;


This course is suitable for graphic designers, illustrators, surface pattern designers & digital artists who are interested in creating geometric designs, and I will walk you through everything you need to know to create precise and exciting geometric grid-based designs in Adobe Illustrator. Whether you want to create your very first geometric design in Illustrator or take your geometric designs and Illustrator skills to a next level and unlock your creative potential by exploring new creative techniques, this is a course for you!

In this course you will learn:

How to take advantage of document settings and Illustrator preferences to have a smooth workflow and work with precision;

How to easily create a range of standard but versatile geometric grids and how to get the most out of a range of Illustrator tools when devising custom grids;

How to use your grids to develop both shape-based and linear designs;

How to add more personality to your geometric designs by styling them in a number of different ways;

And how to finalise your designs and prepare them for output.

I cannot wait to see what you create!

What students say:

Sara: « I have explored the tools mentioned before but not to that extent. The courses I have attended at school don’t even come close to the level of excellence given in this class. Evgeniya is a really fantastic teacher and you can bet she knows her craft. I recommend this class to anyone really wanting to explore grids, geometric shapes and start really mastering Adobe Illustrator. »

Elspeth: « I wish I had been able to take this class years ago. It would have saved me a lot of time and energy if I’d known how to design based on custom grids, which are so simple to make in Illustrator once you know how. Very comprehensive but easy to understand class with lots of basic know-how but also more advanced tips and tricks and advice on creating attractive grid-based designs in Illustrator. »

Maria: « You’re given a lot of tools, resources, and inspiration that will have you making geometric designs long after you’ve finished the class exercises. It becomes this meditative and satisfying process that helps you produce content that can be used for any type of design project: surface patterns, brand identities, statement swag, etc. So versatile and yet such a powerful method of creating! »

* In this course we will be developing grids as systems of various adjacent modules, which you can build upon in any desired way. And whilst you can use the tools & techniques covered in this course to create any kind of geometric designs you want, in this course I won’t be concentrating on working with geometric shapes in a more freehand way when shapes are loosely arranged in relation to each other (which is often used in logo design).

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
Graphic Designers looking to level up their Adobe Illustrator skills.
Pattern Designers interested in expanding their portfolio with geometric designs.
Design Students who need to supplement their studies with technical skills.
Digital Illustrators looking to explore new creative techniques.
Type Designers looking to create precise geometry-based letterforms.
Digital Artists looking to unleash their creativity and create new original work.
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Learn a Range of Illustrator Tools & Techniques to Efficiently Create Precise Geometric Designs & Boost Your Creativity

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