Learn Blender from absolute zero to creating professional 3D models. Learn to create Game assets and realistic models

Master 3D content creation tools in Blender. With 6 projects

Learn Blender from absolute zero to creating professional 3D models. Learn to create Game assets and realistic models
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Welcome to one of the biggest and most comprehensive courses on Blender.

*** NEW !!! Blender 4 UPDATE !!! ***
4 new lessons added about the most important changes and some new features in Blender 4!

First of all, if you are reading this, thank you for checking this out!

This course is divided into two areas
– Reference videos (that is more informative) and
– Project videos (that is more practical).

It is recommended to watch all the necessary reference videos before doing any projects. If you want, you can use this course as a reference material because there are so many detailed reference videos on Blender’s interface and navigation, working with objects, all the edit mode modeling tools, all the important nodes in the shader editor, lighting tools and rendering options and so much more.

If you are already an intermediate learner, you can challenge yourself and try to practice with the projects in the course, I tried to show you every step in each project. But REMEMBER, many videos in the projects are TIMELAPSES. Because everything you need to know to create any project is shown in the reference videos, so you are expected to watch and learn those first before doing any project exercises. So please watch reference videos before project videos!

Why buy this course?

I am so confident to say that this course is easily one of the best courses available for learning Blender.
It is completely new (Most parts are in Blender 3 . 5 – 3 . 6) and will be updated with major releases of Blender.

Why am I so confident? Let me give you a few reasons why this course must be on your shelf if you are learning Blender.

– This course is big but free from unnecessary details and boring long videos. In this course, I tried to save your precious time by showing the most important things, options or operations in short videos (You really feel it when you are watching the videos). I did my best to put in as much information in a single short video as possible.

– This course contains some information that you can never find in other courses such as « How to optimize your scenes in Blender so that it never crashes » or « Copying Assigning Duplicating materials. Selecting by materials » all in one short video.

– This course is much better suited for a « learner » because it addresses so many problems that you come accross on any project. For example, we learn « Proper collection instancing », « How to detect and fix flipped normals easily », « How to quickly remove dublicates », « How to clean up the blend file », « object mode scaling issues » and many more. I know what problems you might face because I have been teaching Blender to students in person for years and they always have these same problems.

– This course contains demo projects. We are going to create 6 projects from scratch. I will show you everything from modeling to texturing to lighting and rendering. But remember, YOU MUST WATCH REFERENCE VIDEOS FIRST BEFORE PROJECT VIDEOS especially if you are a complete beginner!

– There is a crash course at the beginning if you want to quickly see the general steps of creating projects from start to finish in Blender. However, the crash course part does not ask you to do anything, it is just for demonstration purposes!

– Although the course is mainly focused on 3D content creation, there is a whole section containing all the general information about every other feature in Blender, such as Animation tools, Geometry Nodes, Grease Pencil and more.

As a final note, DO NOT RUSH, TAKE YOUR TIME and check out everything. Because big courses take time to complete and you might get discouraged if you want to learn something very quickly.

So, if you are looking for the one course that covers everything in Blender, this course is all you need.

Thank you, see you inside the course!

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
Virtually anyone who wants to learn Blender or who wants to improve their knowledge of this amazing piece of software
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Learn Blender from absolute zero to creating professional 3D models. Learn to create Game assets and realistic models

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