Learn How to use DIALux program for lighting design

Lighting design by using DIALux Program

Learn How to use DIALux program for lighting design
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This course is intend to assist you to work fast an effectively with DIALux , If you have experience with windows application , getting started in DIALux will present no problem.

Content and Overview

This course we will go through 11 lecture which is including the following points 

1- Introduction for the DIALux

2- How to install the program and the lighting catalogues.

3- How to use DIALux wizard for quick lighting design for a room. 

4- The DIALux user interface

  a- The Project manager , Cad window, Guide

   b- The Luminaire selection 

  c- The furniture tree

   d- The color tree 

   e- The output tree

  f- The Guide 

  g- Edit mode

5- Optimise personal setting 

   a- General Options.

What Am I going to get from this course?

At the end of the course you will be able to do the internal lighting design for a building, shop , show room and etc..by using DIALux program. 

If the course success I will go for next step which is external lighting design ( Street lighting , landscape lighting) So please leave a comment if you want the new course. 

I add the documents form where I explain the course so you can use it during the course to follow up with the video.

For more information about the DIALux program and the lighting catalogue you ca download it online if you need help please send me a message. 



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Learn How to use DIALux program for lighting design

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