Things Organised Neatly

Learn design principles & the essentials of vector drawing

Things Organised Neatly
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I LOVE Adobe illustrator, it’s definitely my second home and the programme I spend the most time in as a graphic designer. The skills you learn in this class are essential in creating unique icons, illustrations and assets for your projects. No pen tool required!

I created this class to help beginner designers see how easy it can be to create llustrations and a beautiful composition of elements. Working only with basics shapes and the pathfinder palette as well as the design principles of balance, hierarchy, alignment and contrast.

Some times you just need project to follow along with, to practice and hone your skills, we will work through some research and a bit of theory to help you understand why you are making certain choices in your design.

You will choose a theme, it could be the items on your shopping list, your favourite biscuits, fruit, anything you like really, the challenge will be reducing those items to their simplest form, we will work with minimal colours and a pattern swatch to fill the drawings, with the final output being all your illustrated elements organised neatly in a square composition, (perfect for sharing on Instagram)

I love seeing what my students create so please share your projects or let me know if there is anything you are having trouble with and I will do my best to help.

Join me in Adobe Illustrator and  let’s get started!

Some reviews of this course

Loved loved loved the entire class. As a beginner, I learned many shortcuts, tricks, and new tools. I can’t wait to learn more from you 🙂

« Great course! I learned some new AI wizardry e.g. using circular shape as a swatch pattern + colour guide window for generating palettes »

« This class is ideal to build efficient drawing habits. It focuses on a few key tools and explains every step necessary to adapt those tools to simple vector drawings. »

« WOW! What a fun lesson! I have learned so much, thank you for sharing with us! You are an awesome teacher 🙂 »

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
Adobe Illustrator beginners
Graphic Designers
Designers looking for tips tricks and a bit of theory!
People wanting to improve their design skills
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Things Organised Neatly

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