3D Garment vizualization with CLO3D and Blender

Learn CLO3D Fashion: Masterclass (Intermediate to Advanced)

3D Garment vizualization with CLO3D and Blender
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Dive into the most advanced 3D fashion design course from intermediate to advance. Learn 3D fashion software like CLO3D/marvelous designer, Blender, Animation, Avatar skin replacement, Mixamo, and parametric pattern making.

This course covers CLO’s and Blender’s advanced virtual garment visualization tools and skills for fashion design development and presentation. You will learn the essential skills you need to become an expert 3D designer using CLO. How to create and express more various and intricate garments will be learned throughout this course.  In addition to the creation of virtual garments, you will create elaborated 3D virtual environments including turntable, textures from blender, adding motion from Mixamo, and runway show stages incorporating photo-realistic rendered images and various animations. This course will take you from having basic knowledge of clo3D to an advanced level by incorporating rendering and textures effects from Blender and Mixamo. By end of this course, you will be able to

Work in a 2D and 3D design visualization environment

Learn advanced tools such as tack tool, pin box tool, set-sublayer tool, etc.

Transform parametric pattern blocks into new garment styles

Express elaborated design details of garments such as smocking, flowers, scalloped edges, fullness, and piping, etc.

Apply specialized textures and HDRI environments using the Blender kit addon.

Record various avatar animations using Adobe Mixamo’s 3D/AR tools 

Create a custom-made background in CLO3D and render high-quality images

Attach accessories such as earrings, necklaces, etc.

I have added a lot of resources to this course, so you can follow along with me in the videos, and there are some activities for skill assessment and activity review videos to practice the skills you have learned. So, if you have no time to waste and have basic knowledge of CLO3D, this course is for you.

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
People with basic CLO3D experience, who wish to learn advanced virtual garment visualization tools and skills in CLO3D for fashion design development and presentation
People who wish to learn about advanced 3D fashion with integration of CLO3D and Blender
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3D Garment vizualization with CLO3D and Blender

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