Master the Tips and Techniques to Drawing and Painting Beautiful Portraits using Charcoal Drawing Pencils.

Learn Charcoal Pencil Portrait Painting on Colored Paper

Master the Tips and Techniques to Drawing and Painting Beautiful Portraits using Charcoal Drawing Pencils.
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Throughout this Masterclass; Step by Step we will be guiding you on the Tips and Techniques in Drawing and Painting Portraits using Black and White Charcoal Drawing Pencils on Colored Paper.

Take your Drawing & Painting Skills To The Next Level becoming a better Artist and Start Earning.


This Masterclass is designed to equip you to expressively create a Minimalist Charcoal portrait painting on Colored paper; that will stand out in the development of your Art from start to finish.

You will gain the necessary skills for painting beautiful portraits, even if you are a beginner, it helps you advance with a deeper understanding of the 3 tone color Break down concept in  painting and you will become confident painting portraits expressively even with colored Art papers.  This painting Technique taught in this Masterclass is a very unique minimalistic approach to portrait painting and has been developed and refined for more than 10 years by the Artist.

You Get Full Access…

With even More

This Masterclass starts with the basic tools needed for painting a Charcoal Portrait art.

Next you’ll learn how to sketch a Portrait.

You will also learn guidelines to achieve accurate image representation of the subject.

You will learn how to paint the Facial features.

Next you’re going to learn how to apply the appropriate Shadow .

Next you will learn how to paint the Highlights and Shades.

You will learn how to paint and blend the hair; creating curls and texture.

You will learn what materials you can use for effective blending the Midtone, Highlights and Shades.

Lastly, You will learn how to detail your Artwork and the best areas to Sign off.

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Over the Course of this Masterclass, you will learn

The basic Charcoal painting Art tools

How to sketch a subject

How to Draw the Eyes

How to Draw the Nose

How to Draw the Mouth

How to Paint the Hair

How to Paint the Shades

How to Paint the Highlights

How to Blend the Midtone

How to Sign off your Art.

What else will you get?

Full Access to course materials

You will become an improved Artist

Project Work

Increased Value of your new Artworks

A new skill set

Who is this Masterclass for?

The Ultimate Black and White Charcoal Portraiture Painting on Colored Paper Masterclass is very Beginner-friendly.

It is designed to help beginner Artists, Students with Passion for Painting Portraits and even Advanced Artists. We start out by Sketching and gradually build on by adding Shadows, Highlights and midtones.

Course Bonus :

High Definition resolution of the finished painting.

About The Instructor

Tonye Pollyn is a Nigerian Based Professional Artist that radically expresses Art with vibrant colors and mixed media. He is a member of the society of Nigerian Artists.

He is a Studio practicing Artist with a University Art Degree with our 11 years experience. His Artworks are found in Nigeria and Internationally in Galleries, Homes, Hotels and Offices.

Become A Better Artist.


À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
Students willing to improve painting portraits
Students willing to learn a new skillset in Art
Beginner Art Students
Students who are passionate about Drawing beautiful Portraits
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Master the Tips and Techniques to Drawing and Painting Beautiful Portraits using Charcoal Drawing Pencils.

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