Take Your Renders to the Professional Level!

Learn Blender Compositor!

Take Your Renders to the Professional Level!
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Do you want to learn how to take your Blender rendering to a professional level?

Then it’s time for you to learn how to use Blender’s Compositor.

The Compositor is Blender’s node compositing system.

In this course, you will see how to use the compositor to perform color adjustments,

You’ll see how to use filters to create effects,

You will learn to use Layers, Masks, and Cryptomattes to restrict the scope of adjustments and effects.

That way you can make changes to specific areas of your scene.

You can, for example, change the color of objects and materials even after the image is rendered.

In addition, you will see how to use Render Passes and other resources to adjust, in a controlled way, the intensity of shadows,

And ambient occlusion.

You’ll also see how to create effects like fog,

depth of field,

And Vignette Effect.

You will also see how to render ligh passes separately,

So that it is possible to create isolated adjustments for diresuch asct lighting , indirect lighting, reflections, among others.

You’ll also see how to use Light Groups, a feature that lets you control the intensity and colors of each group of lights in your scene independently, even after the scene is rendered.

Blender’s Compositor is a key resource to turn a good render into an amazing render.

So sign up right now to take your images to the next level!

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Take Your Renders to the Professional Level!

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