Learn the critical fundamentals of Avid Media Composer.  Improve your core level of efficiency.

Learn Avid Media Composer

Learn the critical fundamentals of Avid Media Composer. Improve your core level of efficiency.
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This  training class provides the critical fundamentals of learning Avid Media Composer from the ground-up.

PLEASE NOTE: The Main Avid Media Composer interface has been been recently updated!  This training series is based on the ‘older’ version that is still being used by Hollywood, and 90% of most Avid users. 

There are some additional videos that I will continue to upload to explain the interface change(s).  I estimate it will take a year to two for the industry to slowly adapt to the new interface.

It is recommended that you have a recent version of Avid Media Composer installed before taking this course.  Avid offers a  30 day fully functional trial if you do not own an active license.  This course is NOT compatible with Avid First.  You must have a fully functional FULL TRIAL or LICENSED version of Avid Media Composer.

  This training represents a culmination of 25 years experience of using Avid Media Composer.  Each lesson has been methodically scripted and presents specific concepts at an easy to learn pace. 

Practice media is provided so you can follow along.

Special rights to use REAL movie footage from the short-film Legacy.

Support is provided via ‘Udemy’s’ Question/Answer forum.

Quizzes after each section to help you review critical concepts.

Special lecture descriptions are available for each lesson to enhance the instruction.

Extra bonus lessons on specific Media Composer effects are available.

* There are a few bonus lessons that require Avid FX, and Boris Continuum.  Depending on the version of Avid Media Composer that you are running you may not have these third party plug-ins.  This online training does not require these plug-ins, but if you have access to them, please enjoy the free bonus lessons. 

* If are you are Mac User, you will not have access to the traditional title cool, or Marquee.

We also offer an option to become an Avid Media Composer Certified Specialist.  Please contact us if your are interested in becoming Avid Certified.

You can always contact us 24/7 at 866-566-1881, and we will return your call. 

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
This training focuses on editing techniques from the ground up. It is intended for those who are new to Avid Media Composer.
Intermediate to Advanced users may find some lessons that will enhance their current workflows and save them time.
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Learn the critical fundamentals of Avid Media Composer.  Improve your core level of efficiency.

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