Learn Commercial Embroidery Digitizing | Flat Logo | Complex Logo | Patch | 3ds Puff  | Applique | Lettering & Many More

Learn Advanced Embroidery Digitizing in Wilcom | English |

Learn Commercial Embroidery Digitizing | Flat Logo | Complex Logo | Patch | 3ds Puff | Applique | Lettering & Many More
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Ultimate Embroidery Digitizing Course

This is an ultimate course of Commercial Embroidery Digitizing which will cover all topics from Basics to Super Advanced Level. Following Techniques and many more will be discussed in this course.

Overview and introduction of Commercial Embroidery Digitizning.

General Setting and Options for Embroidery Digitizing.

Complete Tools detail for Traditional Digitiizing bar in wilcom.

Graphics Degitizing bar Tools and Options

Satin & Tatami Stitch types usage and advanced options

Discussing all Stitch type with parameter in details

Working with Stitch effects and their option and use

Using all stitch effects for creating stunning designs

Working with basic lettering options in wilcom

Digitizing lettering manually in wilcom

Working with advanced lettering options and parameters

using Coreldraw Graphics work space for embroidery in wilcom

Using Graphic workspace in wilcom for more advanced designs

working and an image for embroidery in graphic workspace of Wilcom

Auto Digitizing Options for creating image or vector into embroidery in embroidery workspace of wilcom

Logo Digitizing with full authority

Digitizing simple or regular Logo in wilcom

Digitizing Circular or Elliptical logos in wilcom

Working on emblem logos for embroidery digitizing in wilcom

How to Digitizing Embroidery Patches in Wilcom Embroidery Studio

Working on Complex logos for Embroidery Digitizing

Applique Embroidery Designs with tools and Options

Working on an applique Designs for commercial Embroidery

Working on 3ds Puff Embroidery Designs

Working on different types of 3ds Puff Logos.

Concept of Embroidery Designs travelling will also be discussed

Finalizing Embroidery Designs for Production on Machine

Getting Product Visualization and Approval sheets for Clients

Discussing Embroidery Product design sizing for commercial Embroidery Digitizing.

Final Words and Tips for successful Embroidery Designs

Commercial Embroidery Digitizning Techniques which will be covered in this course are:-

Simple Logo Digitizing

Complex Logo Digitizing

Emblem Logo Digitizing

Circular Logo Digitizing

Lettering and Options

Applique Embroidery Designs

3ds Puff Embroidery Designs

About Your Instructor:

I am Prof. Ghulam Rasool and I have been teaching for 20 years now, I have taught thousand of students around the world through online classes and physical classes. I have 99.99% satisfaction rate with my students, All of my students are working in competitive market and serving their purposes.

My Expertise are:

Embroidery Digitizing

Graphics Designing

Digital Textile Designing

Textile Designing

Embroidery Designing

3d modeling

Web designing & Development.

you will get quality and tested knowledge from us, above all in this learning journey we will always be with you as you can ask anything about your questions or queries.

Where it is applicable:

This course is applicable all embroidery industries as we have discussed all types of logo digitizing and designing. so you will get the all you want to learn about professional embroidery digitizing.

Learning Material

As you all know that we have training videos and data for this course but apart from these detailed training videos you will also get projects and assignments for practice and perfection in embroidery digitizing. we have included all the designs in assignments on which we were working during our course lectures and you will also get extra designs and assignments because we want to give you the exposure which you need to be a professional in embroidery digitizing and designing.

Our Specialty

we have one special feature of all our courses that we always try our best to be on point. we never waste our student’s time on useless things and concept only to the point  explanations are discussed. We work on real world projects which will lead you toward ultimate success and expertise in embroidery designing and digitizning.   

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
Existing users who have basic knowledge of embroidery tools and want to be professional as commercial Embroidery Desginers.
Experienced Embroidery designers who want to make their career in commercial embroidery Designing and Digitizing.
absolute beginners who want to make thier career this fastly growing industry.
Textile or Fashion Designing Students who want to learn embroidery digitizing at commercial level
Graphics Designer who want to learn embroidery Digitizing and want to use their Existing Graphics Designing skills for embroidery Designing and Digitizing.
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Learn Commercial Embroidery Digitizing | Flat Logo | Complex Logo | Patch | 3ds Puff  | Applique | Lettering & Many More

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