Mastering Engagement, Growth and Success in a Tech Community

Landing Pages from SendPulse: bio link page for Instagram

Get your own landing or bio link page for Instagram marketing up and running in no time!
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DescriptionIn our landing pages course, we’ll bring you up to speed on how and why to get started with SendPulse landing pages. Check it out and boost your online presence in no time.Design and build a full-service landing page for free! Start converting visitors today!The SendPulse landing pages course is your one stop shop for learning how to set up a beautiful landing page in no time. The best part is, even if you are completely new to page design, you’ll find SendPule’s drag and drop system easy to use. No coding skills or design experience necessary!In the course, we’ll focus on how to use the different elements of your landing page to make a cohesive and stunning page bio link page. These concepts can be expanded to make a landing page of any kind and will give you a great foundation moving forward. Likewise, we’ll go into what to do after your page has been published by checking out SEO practices and analytics. You’ll be fully equipped to build and maintain your very own page.Who is this course for?Anyone who wants to create a landing page for themselves or their brand. If you want to keep all of your links or portfolio in one neat and tidy place, a landing page is for you. Or maybe you want to show off your restaurant’s new menu? A landing page is a great place to start! The options are limitless, and the best part is, you can build your very own landing page today — without spending a cent. À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?Social media marketerDigital marketerInfluencerBloggerAfficher plusAfficher moins

Mastering Engagement, Growth and Success in a Tech Community

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