Design fundamentals for beginners. Avoid mistakes and obtain professional results.

Introduction to Typography

Design fundamentals for beginners. Avoid mistakes and obtain professional results.
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Great typography goes unnoticed. In this course you’re going to learn all the rules and tricks in order to use typography effectively. We’ll be going over skills that any professional designer would need to excel in the working world. These skills apply to any area of graphic design, including web or UI/UX design.

This course is for those beginning their design career, who are still in school, or who are self taught. This course has some quizzes and tests in order for you to test your understanding as you go through the curriculum. I also have accompanying external resources and games to help you improve your skills beyond the lectures. The best way to learn typography is to practice it in a real world setting, with real text provided to you by a business. It is difficult to recreate that situation in a course or school setting, but if you understand all these typography rules and you apply them to your designs then I have no doubt that your work will be great.

Skills you’ll gain from this course:

Understand typography fundamentals

Apply typographic principles to digital and print media

Learn the history of typography and its accompanying industry vocabulary

Be able to speak to other designers about typography using language they’ll understand

Learn how typography is visually perceived

Learn the best way to present your type of people to read

Confidently choose and pair typefaces so that they are attractive and readable

By the end of this course, you’ll have a theoretical and practical understanding of typography that will directly aid you in a real world setting. You’ll have the foundational tools to create professional typography and speak to your fellow designers in a language they’ll understand.

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
People looking to get into a career in graphic, web, or UI design and want to gain foundational knowledge.
Designers who have recently started their career/education journey and want to refresh their basics.
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Design fundamentals for beginners. Avoid mistakes and obtain professional results.

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