Fundamental Ideas to start learning Autodesk Maya 2016

Introduction to Autodesk Maya 2016

Fundamental Ideas to start learning Autodesk Maya 2016
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Course Description

This is an introductory course to learn Autodesk Maya 2016. This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn Autodesk Maya for the first time.

Build a strong foundation in Maya the world’s best 3D Animation software with this Course.

Learn the basic user interface of Autodesk Maya
Understand View port which is Autodesk Maya’s work area
Maya is a node based software. So, one lecture is dedicated for understanding Maya Nodes.

3D Animation and Application  Learning Autodesk Maya will enable you to be able to create 3D content for a wide range of applications. By learning Maya you can create

Model and animate 3D Animation films
Model and animate 3D Advertisements
Model and animate 3D Games for a wide range of mediums including mobile apps.

Of course it is not possible to learn everything about Maya this one course. This course will help you to get started with Autodesk Maya 2016. This will be the first step in the journey of exploring Autodesk Maya.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the basics of Autodesk Maya 
Model a simple tree and background
Understand the process of texturing and apply color to all the modeled objects
Render a final image of a tree and the background

Content and Overview 

Introduction to Maya 2016 has six sections. Section 1,2 &3 covers some foundation for understanding Autodesk Maya 2016. Section 4 explains the modeling of the tree and the background. Section 5 explains how to apply color (texturing) to the modeled objects. In section 6, we will create lights and render our final image.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture2:Maya User Interface
Lecture3:Viewports or the work area
Lecture4:What are nodes?

Section2: Getting Started

Lecture5:Understanding Maya Projects
Lecture6:Saving in Maya
Lecture7:Marking Menus & Hotbox
Lecture8:Wireframe mode and shaded mode
Lecture9:Creating Premitives

Section3: Working in Maya

Lecture10:Basic Transformations
Lecture11:Duplicating in Maya
Lecture12:Grouping and Parenting
Lecture13:Selections & Poly Components

Section4: Modeling

Lecture14:Extrude tool
Lecture15:Modeling Tree : Root and Trunk
Lecture16:Modeling Tree : Leafs
Lecture17:Modeling the mountain

Section5: Texturing

Lecture18:Hypershade Window
Lecture19:Texturing the Tree and the mountain

Section6: Lighting&Rendering

Lecture20:Understadning Maya Lights
Lecture21:Lighting and Rendering
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Suitable for absolute beginners
Someone with a passion of learning 3D animation software Maya
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Fundamental Ideas to start learning Autodesk Maya 2016

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