Learn How to Create An Awesome Infographic in Adobe Illustrator

Infographic Design: Simple Infographic Design in Illustrator

Learn How to Create An Awesome Infographic in Adobe Illustrator
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In this course you will learn how to design an effective and engaging Infographic that everyone will be sharing. You will learn from start to finish on how to easily create an Infographic in one of the most popular graphics editing software, Adobe Illustrator.

We’ll begin the course with an introduction to infographics, where you’ll learn the fundamentals of infographics and the creation process.

Why create an Infographic? Well, with infographics, you can communicate and simplify complex information in beautiful and engaging ways.

Infographics are a great way to engage readers because they draw attention and they result in a lot of social sharing. A well thought out and well-designed infographic will be shared across social media platforms and get shared on websites.

Aside from the SEO benefits of infographics, they also do a great job at building brand awareness and getting a specific message across. Consumers do not want to read a lot of information and it is a fact that the majority of people absorb information better if it is presented in a visual manner. Businesses are using infographics as a way to engage their target market and drive traffic to their website.

No matter the purpose, as more and more content is being funneled through the Internet every day, infographics communicate an idea simply and quickly and is a huge asset for any brand, business, educator, designer, or blogger.

By the end of this course you will know how to create an infographic and be ready for your next project.

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Learn How to Create An Awesome Infographic in Adobe Illustrator

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