Building a humanoig game rig with kineFX.

Humanoid Rigging For Games Using Houdini And KineFX

Building a humanoig game rig with kineFX.
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In this course we will build a basic humanoid rig. This rig is designed to be compatible with game engines like Unity and should work with a lot of common motion capture libraries.

We will start be creating a reconfigurable skeleton that can be posed for multiple characters. This skeleton will also have three different spines this will allow us to examine. These will include two curved skeletons, one with four bones to be compatible with the Unity humanoid rig.  The others skeletons are have more bones and will allow us to compare to pitfalls of using curved or straight spines.

We will create a custom reorient joints node that will allow us to have consistent orientations for all the joints.

For the rig we will be looking to implement IK and FK Controls. For the IK controls we will have both global and local controls. And we will be implementing number of methods to blend between global and local controls.

We will be creating a custom for the  spine rotations with options for both linear and quaternion interpolation.

For the arms we will be creating a dynamic skeleton that moves based of the position of the arm. The Hand will have preset poses that we can blend between.

We will be building an export pipeline with options for ‘level of detail’ and exporting characters and animation.

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Intermediate Houdini users.
Indie game developers intersted in rigging with houdini.
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Building a humanoig game rig with kineFX.

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