How to Draw Anime Eyes for Beginners

How to Draw Anime Eyes – Drawing Manga Course

How to Draw Anime Eyes for Beginners
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Want to Draw Anime? This is an easy drawing lesson for complete beginners. It’s meant to be fast and simple. The entire lesson is meant for people who have never drawn in their life. So if you are a beginner, this is the place for you. Let’s get into the lessons.

If you are someone who has been watching anime for years and always wanted to create your own. Drawing from your imagination is one of the most rewarding feelings ever. The eyes are the window into the soul. I can’t wait for you to start drawing anime eyes. It is much simpler than you would ever imagine.

YOU will Learn:

– Supplies to Use

You will learn the best and inexpensive options of what to use. Art supplies don’t need to be pricey.

-How to Gain Control of the Pen

This lesson will teach you how to heighten your control of your pen. This is 50% of the drawing process and it’s also the EASIEST to improve.  You will Level up almost INSTANTLY with these insanely easy exercises.

– Eye Structure

You will get a Crash Course on drawing the Eye from beginning to end. You will learn the easiest and most important way to draw the human eye from the mind.

– Demonstration of Anime Eye

You will understand the entire process of drawing an eye from beginning to end.  I take the concepts we learned in the previous lesson and show you the exact way to apply them. In the future, you will be able to do this anytime you want.

– Final Thoughts

This is a short lesson, so if you are ready……

This is the first part of a larger journey. This is the first step into a whole new world. You can draw any anime character’s eyes after the lesson. Such a cool time to draw anime.

Create the World you want! Grab a pencil and you can be drawing anime eyes in less than 30 minutes!

Let’s Start Now! 😀


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Beginning artists who want to learn about anime
Beginning drawers who want to learn about drawing
Beginner drawers who want to learn how to draw anime eyes
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How to Draw Anime Eyes for Beginners

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