How to brake in the music industry


How to brake in the music industry
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This course teaches how i made it to the top of the charts from the 1st week i joined N 1 M and held that position to just about 3 years and 10 months most days i teach you how you can do that also see i had no investor or sponsor true i had hardly or little money to invest in the project myself i did this i know you can also. also see the sample on video here as a sample to what you can do if you follow my advice in the course you can also make a carrier out of music if you get known to the millions of view and listeners you won and got there at least 1/2 way the other 1/2 is to have good quality songs recorded perfect and mastered perfect it is to say that you need to work hard to get the other 1/2 way or about join me as i show you how i did it all which will speed things up for you so much more

So as then i write Christian song most of my songs teach on GOD THINGS i have listeners in the millions and even more views all these people listening to my songs and viewing, they could not all possibly be wrong my songs have the message off GOD no different to my courses therefore here is the proof.


here I show you the proof in how many Audients I have had with the above strategy method used in this course.

head over to Themistoklis – N1M at my site and see it there.

today is the 06 / FEB / 2024



Contemporary Christian

Plays Today:      9,324

Total Plays:    89,640,845

Profile Views:    110,471,088

Themistoklis – N1M

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Christian musicians
people intrests in music and just became a Christian
people wanting to become a Christian
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How to brake in the music industry

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