Building websites for yourself or as a business for others, just got easier with the New Google Sites.

Google Sites: Your Guide To Website Creation The Easy Way

Building websites for yourself or as a business for others, just got easier with the New Google Sites.
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Google Sites Website Building Course…

Are you tired of paying someone to build your websites… only to have that person forget to add that video or color scheme you asked for?

Are you the “if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself” type of person… but the whole website building process is way too technical?

Maybe YOU want to be the person people are paying for setting up THEIR website… and you want to do it the best way possible?

If so, I understand. I’ve been there. Using Google Sites makes creating, maintaining or collaborating on a website a breeze. But, having the word ‘Google’ in the site builder name means it will likely be confusing & without a clear step-by-step guide for you to follow.

At least it was for me when I first began learning how to use Google Sites.

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Having gone through many outdated videos as well as Forum & Blog posts that claimed to have the answers to my questions, I still had many questions that remained unanswered.

Questions like:

How Can I Add Buy Now Buttons

How Do I Add a Custom Domain Name?

How Do I add a Custom Domain Name when it is on Cloudflare?

How Do I Add or Change The Header Images

How Do I Add New Pages or Sub-Pages

Can I Create & Add Custom Contact Forms?

Don’t I Need a Domain Name Too Build a Website?

Let me answer that last question for you RIGHT NOW! 

(But I show you how to add up to five custom domain names if you have them)

These Google Sites training Lectures answer those and many other questions. One of the many bonuses of a Udemy course is that you can ask as many other questions as you like. One of the items I pride myself on is answering those questions as quickly as possible. So not only do you receive high-quality training in the Lectures, you also receive super fast replies from me when you have questions.

These Google Sites Training videos allow you to look over my shoulder as I build a multi-page, mobile responsive professional-grade website using Google Sites. 

So enroll in this course and you too can begin building your own ZERO-COST Google Sites right now!

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Anyone wanting to build mobile responsive websites
Budget Minded Business Owners wanting professional grade websites
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Building websites for yourself or as a business for others, just got easier with the New Google Sites.

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