Your Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Strong Brand Roadmap

From Bland to Brand – Creating a Winning Brand Strategy

Your Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Strong Brand Roadmap
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Hi there, I’m Catherine, founder of Broc Consulting, and I’m thrilled to bring you a course steeped in two decades of brand consulting expertise.

Why This Course?

This course is a compact, concise, and insightful guide designed to accelerate your learning curve in brand strategy. It encompasses my extensive experience and insights from over 200 brand revitalization projects across many sectors. I developed this course to empower you with a straightforward, simple, and actionable step-by-step process to craft a brand strategy that’s robust and resilient.

For Beginners: If brand strategy is new to you, this course provides clear instructions and valuable worksheets to navigate your journey.

For Current Brand Owners: If you already possess a brand strategy, consider this course a comprehensive checklist to audit and fortify your brand’s resilience.

For Successful Brand Strategists: If you lead a successful brand, discover novel opportunities to propel your brand to newer heights through this course.

As a brand strategist, the questions I get from many leaders have been variations on one theme: ‘How can I stand out in the crowd?’ These businesses have capital, a solid business plan, good products and services at the right price, the competence to produce them, and a sizeable potential market. The problem I see is that they are unable to attract and retain the type of customers and employees they want. Their prospective customers and employees seem to gravitate towards the more prominent and established brand names.

This course is meticulously designed to address the uncertainties and questions about brand establishment and direction. It’s a catalyst to help your brand resonate more profoundly, enabling it to stand distinctively in the crowded market.

What Will You Gain?

Insight into Different Types of Brands: Understand and choose what suits best for your vision.

Foundation of Brand Success: Learn to develop a coherent brand vision, mission, and values that are the cornerstone of your brand’s success.

Uncover True Differentiators: Find and polish the unique aspects of your brand to resonate with your target audience.

Develop an Attractive Brand Personality: Guide your brand expression by imbibing a robust brand personality.

Bring Your Brand to Life: Learn the practical aspects of implementing your brand strategy effectively.

Empower Your Brand Journey Today!

This course equips you with the ability to develop a strategic brand strategy blueprint – a clear roadmap that serves as your north star in the noisy branding jungle. It keeps you focused on the long game, guiding your brand development in the right direction.

This course isn’t just a learning experience; it’s an invitation to join a community where brands are built with passion, clarity, and resilience. I am excited to share my knowledge and experiences with you and witness the incredible brands you will construct and revitalize!

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
Marketers and Brand Managers: Who are seeking to distinguish their brands with evidence-based strategies and keen to master the fundamentals of brand strategy.
Business Owners: Who wants to position their brands effectively, saving both time and money, with the goal of cultivating their brand into a substantial financial asset over time.
Creative Professionals: Who are looking to enhance their advisory roles by integrating strategic brand insights for their clients.
Consultants: Who are aiming to sharpen their branding knowledge to offer more sophisticated and practical solutions.
Marketing Students: Who are passionate about branding and are aiming to develop the skills and insights needed to forge a successful career as a brand strategist.
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Your Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Strong Brand Roadmap

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