Learn to create highly converting Facebook ads, custom audiences, lookalike audiences, set up Facebook pixel & much more

Facebook Ads Masterclass: The Complete Facebook Ads Course

Learn to create highly converting Facebook ads, custom audiences, lookalike audiences, set up Facebook pixel & much more
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Would you like to know how to create an effective Facebook ad? And would you like to have access to step by step strategies that reveal how to turn 1 dollar spent on ads into 2 dollars or more in profit? Then this is the course for you.

In this 24 hours long course, I’ll turn you from a complete beginner into a Facebook ads professional and I will be showing you how to create Facebook ads, install pixels, set up custom conversions, sell products online and much more.

So what exactly are you going to learn here in this class?

Facebook Pages, Profiles & Chatbots – We will start with the absolute basics. What is a Facebook page? How do I program a chat bot? What are autoresponders? How do you calculate organic reach and how can it be influenced? In this section of the chapter you will receive a step by step guide that shows you exactly how I scaled my Facebook page to over 25,000 likes in just one week and how you can too! You will also learn how to create an artificial intelligence that will automatically write and answer messages for you. We will also talk about message sequences, how you can program them into your chat bot and we won’t stop here: We will continue with tags, hashtags, app installations for Facebook pages and much more!

Facebook Ads, Custom Audiences & Lookalike Audiences – We will now learn about setting up Facebook ads. We will cover more than 50 different kinds of ads and formats, from carousel ads to slideshow ads, from traffic ads to conversion ads, no type or format of a Facebook ad will be left untouched. We will additionally dive deep into the topic of custom audiences and lookalike audiences that will help you make your Facebook marketing more efficient.

Facebook Pixel & Custom Conversions – In this part of the course, we will cover Facebook pixels. You will learn how to install and test them, how to set up custom conversions and how to track events such as purchases, leads and much more.

Mobile Ads, Viral Content & Instagram Marketing – If you ever wanted to know how to reach hundreds of thousands of people for only a few dollars, then this chapter is for you. In this part of the course, you will learn how to film, edit and set up professional mobile ads that reach millions through viral content marketing strategies. In addition, we will learn more about Instagram and running ads on the platform.

Messenger Marketing, Bots & Local Business Ads – You will now learn to program your own sophisticated chat bot with two GDPR-friendly chat bot programming softwares. No coding skills are required. Afterwards, you will learn how to run messenger marketing campaigns and you will be capable to generate high open and click through rates. These skills will be especially helpful when running ads for local and small as well as mid-sized business. In this regard, you will also receive additional training in local business ads.

Facebook Marketing Agency, Business Manager & Sales Funnels – At the end of this course, you will receive a step by step guide from me that will lay out how to start, run and scale your own SMMA – a social media marketing agency. We will cover how to deal with clients, how to create and sell digital products, you will learn to use the Facebook Business manager, in order to be capable to run ads for other clients, and we will cover Facebook-based sales funnels that could quickly increase your earnings from digital sales.

Most chapters will come with exclusive case studies, downloadable documents and worksheets, quizzes and much more! After completing this course, you will be capable to: 

Create 50+ kinds of highly converting Facebook ads & Facebook-based sales funnels

Know how to create engagement ads, traffic ads, messenger ads, local business ads and much more

Install Facebook pixels and set up custom conversions, custom audiences and lookalike audiences

Be capable to develop your own sophisticated and effective Facebook marketing strategies

Figure out your target group and be able to target them directly through Facebook

Optimise and scale your Facebook ads through professional A/B split testing and other means of analysis

Use the Facebook Creative Hub to analyse the usability of your content

Create highly converting conversion ads & know how to sell products from your online store effectively

Start and scale your own SMMA (social media marketing agency) for (local) business ads

Use the Facebook Business Manager effectively for running ads & organising Facebook pages

What are you still waiting for? 

Enroll in the course and we will see each other in the first video!

Yours sincerely,
Leon Chaudhari
– instructor –

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Online Marketers who would like to improve their Facebook marketing skills
Entrepreneurs who want to build a personal brand or sell products through Facebook
Sales professionals who are interested in learning how to sell products through Facebook
Funnel hacker who struggle with finding a profitable Facebook-based sales funnel
Everyone interested in Facebook ads or Facebook marketing in general
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Learn to create highly converting Facebook ads, custom audiences, lookalike audiences, set up Facebook pixel & much more

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