How to optimise and monetise a YouTube Channel.

Ecommerce Theory For The Newbie: The Business Side

Do you have a product you want to take to market? Want to learn how to dropship? This covers the basics.
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DescriptionYou may have heard of eCommerce, but do you know how the business works? This course will go through warehouse options, profitability, catalog softwares and more. You’ll learn years worth of information in just over an hour, potentially saving you thousands of dollars and months of time.The ClassThe internet opened a lot of doors, but mostly it opened the door for people to work for themselves. No bosses, no schedules.This class is an individual section of my much larger masterclass: Beginner’s Shopify: Fundamentals of eCommerce Masterclass. After completion of this class, I recommend taking some other sections a-la-carte, or taking the entire masterclass (see my instructor profile for more details).This is a crash course on Ecommerce. This class will teach you the following:What is dropshipping?How do I source products?How to I begin building my brand?How do domains work?What is a Catalog Management Software?Learn how solo entrepreneurs, dropshippers, and product owners turn ideas into lucrative careers (and how you can too). After you take this class, you will have a general understanding of how ecommerce works and what direction to go next. This course was designed with the aspiring ecommerce entrepreneur in mind. If you’re new to the digital world and you’re looking to understand the industry at a high level, this is the course for you. À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?If you are new to ecommerce and selling online, this course is for youAre you curious about dropshipping and how it works? This is a good place to start.If you are looking to start an apparel brand without breaking the bank, this course can help.Generally, if you are looking to make money off of an ecommerce store, this course is for you.Afficher plusAfficher moins

How to optimise and monetise a YouTube Channel.

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