A step by step guide to designing a house from only blueprints using SketchUp

Design your House in SketchUp – Step by Step

A step by step guide to designing a house from only blueprints using SketchUp
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Would you like to create a 3D model of your house? SketchUp is perfect for that!

This course will guide you through every process of creating a house from scratch, using only the blueprints that we have available. We will start with creating the exterior, that means creating the floorplan and turning everything into 3D, then we will create the ceiling, the roof, and finally paint the exterior.  After that we will move on to the interior and design the kitchen, stairs and bathrooms all by ourselves. We will also take a look at how to create all sorts of furniture from scratch, and thereby only using the 3D warehouse for a very small number of items.

Do you think I should I take this course if I’m  going to create a house completely from scratch with no blueprints?

Absolutely! That’s because it can be really time-consuming to create a 3D model from scratch.  This course will show you the most practical workflow and teach you ways on how you can make the whole process a lot faster. 

What if I am a total beginner and know nothing about SketchUp?

This course is meant for intermediates and above, so I expect you to have some general knowledge of SketchUp before enrolling, however, if you have never opened up SketchUp before then don’t worry, there are a lot of courses out there for you, like SketchUp Make 2017 – from beginner to advanced  a course that I created as well.

With Udemy’s 30 day 100% money back guarantee there is no reason to hesitate, enroll now and see if you like it.

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
People who want to extend their knowledge in SketchUp
People who want to learn how to create a 3D model out of 2D blueprints
People who want to be able to design a complex house from the ground up
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A step by step guide to designing a house from only blueprints using SketchUp

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