Step by Step Tutorial of Electronic Design

Design with KiCad (Basic)

Step by Step Tutorial of Electronic Design
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This course is designed for electronic design beginners to learn how to design an electronic project with KiCad as design tool.

At the beginning of the course, it introduces general process and steps of a typical electronic design project. This is important and beneficial to an electronic designer even when you decide to use other EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools in the future.

The main sections of the course focus on designing a simple project with KiCad. The project is a DC/DC step down circuit. The course is not to tell you how to design the DC circuit itself, instead, it will show you step by step of how to design this project with KiCad from nothing to design release. It covers components creation, library management, schematics capture, PCB layout, and design documents export.

In this course, I will not only show you how to design an electronic project in my demonstration, but to provide a “homework” to design a similar project by yourself. In addition, there are some quizzes in the course, which will let you know those important points in some sections.

The course will make you have the ability to design a simple project with KiCad as quick and correctly as possible. Therefore, the course doesn’t cover every corner of KiCad software tool, and it doesn’t have numerous sections and lectures either. Instead, it shows you the most important and necessary skills to complete an electronic design independently.

After this course, you are expected to design relatively simple project by yourself. However, you are NOT expected to gain all the knowledge and skills to design a complicated, multi-layer, high-speed signal board in this course. That needs some more advanced training and practice after learning this course.

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
Students who major in electronics
Hobbyists who wish to design their first PCB board
Entry level electronics engineers who just begin their design career
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Step by Step Tutorial of Electronic Design

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