Improve Your Blender Knowledge by Creating Something REALLY Cool!

Creating Autonomous Living Creatures in Blender!

Improve Your Blender Knowledge by Creating Something REALLY Cool!
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Hi, hope you’re well. 

In this course we’ll be looking at how to create fully autonomous creatures inside of Blender.  The creatures will be able to move around and interact with their environments and other creatures completely by themselves.  We’ll also look how to guide them in various ways, so that we can direct the action to our own taste.

The course is an extremely fun way of learning:

Procedural modelling with geometry nodes

How to make Blender much more powerful using it’s attribute system

Various Blender physics systems



Camera set up and animation

Viewport Compositing

Rendering with EEVEE

The course is great fun, and making it was the most fun I’ve ever had inside Blender.  Sit back and watch with pleasure as your  octopus comes to life, and then proceed to have them do battle with each other, bounce around on doughnuts, make them breathe, puppeteer them, and even fire them from cannons! 

The course is suitable for all levels, and for those brave souls attempting the course with zero or little knowledge of Blender, to give you a fighting chance, I’ve also included the first several videos from my much 19 hour course on Udemy, titled: « Learn 3d with Blender – Fundamentals to Advanced ».   That course consists of 30 years of experience condensed into 18 hours of video tutorials, so I’d still recommend you check it out regardless of your skill level, as it’s jam packed with everything needed to get you to a top level professional standard or act as an excellent reference for existing professionals.




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The course is for anyone with an interest in improving their Blender skills by creating something super cool!
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Improve Your Blender Knowledge by Creating Something REALLY Cool!

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