Learn to create your own Instagram/Facebook AR Filter using SPARK AR!

Create Your Own Filter For Instagram | Spark AR Masterclass

Learn to create your own Instagram/Facebook AR Filter using SPARK AR!
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Welcome to this class!

You always wondered where all those Instagram filters come from and how they are created? Well, here is your answer…

This course will show you all the necessary steps to create your first own unique and creative Instagram filter. We’ll work with Spark AR, the best free software for augmented reality filters, provided by Facebook.

In this complete guide to Spark AR we’re going to create six different filters. Each filter increases the level of difficulty step-by-step. I created the course in a way that you can build all the effects together with me, as you follow my instructions. By getting active with me, you’ll learn what the logic behind these effects is and how the different parts work together – so that you can later use your knowledge for your own ideas. I uploaded all the files I use to make it easy for you to follow along.

In this course you’ll:

Learn how to download the software

Get an introduction to the layout and the different capability

Learn about all the objects that can be used

Work with FaceTracker, Meshes, PlaneTracker, Textures, Materials,…

Create personalized content with custom made textures and pictures

Insert 3D objects and track them with the movement of the head

Create logical procedures with the Patch Editor to make your effect interesting and engaging

Work with planes, animation sequences, different shader types and particle emitter

Learn everything about the upload of your filter

Avoid common errors

You’ll receive a fully featured guide through Spark AR. I will teach you all the necessary information Step-by-Step. I’ll guide you from the fundamentals to creating your own, more advanced filter. This tutorial is not just made for you to follow along, instead it is crucial that you understand the logic and the purpose of the different implementations. You’ll receive all the files, so that you can start right away. Regardless of your own skill level or previous experience, you’ll learn how to create your own AR filters.

If you’re ready to take your skill set, online content and career opportunities to the next level, sign into the course and learn everything you need to become an AR filter creator.

See you in the first video,


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This course is made for creatives, content creators, influencers, marketing agencies, brands and profesionals who want to take the first step into the future of social media. No matter if you just want to start with Spark AR or if you already have some knowledge.
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Learn to create your own Instagram/Facebook AR Filter using SPARK AR!

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