Create realistic stones and choose from 72 sketches to paint on them - all in Procreate

Create Rock Art in Procreate

Create realistic stones and choose from 72 sketches to paint on them – all in Procreate
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This is a course all about creating beautiful and realistic stones in Procreate. It’s easy when you know the right tools and techniques. And I have 15 stones ready for you to download and use

This course is also a course which shows you how to paint on those stones using effective techniques. And if you don’t know what to paint on them, don’t worry. I’ve got 72 sketches for you to create your own art with. I’ll take 5 of them and show you the entire process, start to finish.

This course is also a masterclass in using layer blend modes, the liquify tool, layer masks, the transform tool plus various layer adjustments. Does any of that sound interesting? Yes? Good!

Using the power of Procreate, I’ll show you how to create everything you see on the cover image by levering the power of modern digital art techniques.

On this course you will:

Learn to create realistic stones

Learn to apply sketches to the stones, alter and position them

Effective line art technique

Effective blocking in of your line work

Painting your blocked in artwork

Get a masterclass in Layer Masks, Layer Blend Modes and Adjustments

Make your artwork sit naturally on the stone

Combine photos with artwork inside Procreate to make stunning art

Did you ever feel stuck for something to draw? I’ve got 72 sketches waiting for you. Did you ever feel discouraged because you weren’t sure about what to put in the background? Everything is painted onto stones – problem solved! Were you ever unsure about which color to pick? I have a series of color swatches complete with shades and tints waiting for you to download and use.

If you can scribble with an Apple pencil on an iPad, you can do this. But even though I have plenty of sketches for you to work from (if you want) the end result is determined by the choices you make along the way, so there’s plenty of room for you to create beautiful artwork your way.

Sometimes it’s not about the countless hours you spend practicing a skill. It’s about know-how. Enroll today, and I’ll show you how.

See you on the course!

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People who want to learn the right techniques to create beautiful & realistic rock art
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Create realistic stones and choose from 72 sketches to paint on them - all in Procreate

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