Terragen By Example

Create A Volcanic Lake In Terragen

Terragen By Example
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Ready to take the next step in Terragen?  Build an epic volcanic lake with the creator of TerraTuts!

Expand and hone your Terragen skillset with this detailed step-by-step walkthrough for creating a dormant volcanic lake, surrounded by misty jungle.  The course contains over an hour of high-quality Terragen tutorial content, with in-depth descriptions of node usage and Terragen settings. Along the way you’ll learn about:

Laying out general terrain for the scene

Surface detailing

Erosion in Terragen with Classic Erosion

Lakes and water shaders

Dirt and rock shaders

Using PBR materials and image maps

Importing 3D models from SketchFab into Terragen

Creating object populations

Creating mist and clouds

Lighting a scene

Render settings

Postwork for Terragen images

If you’re a beginning Terragen user who likes hands-on, project-based learning, or an intermediate user looking to pick up some tips and tricks and improve your workflow, this tutorial is for you.  The skills you learn in this course are immediately applicable to many different Terragen scenes, and will boost the realism of your landscapes. 

All Assets Included

All assets used in the course, including moss materials, fern objects, and the finished .tgd scene file are included for download in the project assets.  We’ll also cover good places to obtain more assets to use in Terragen. 

This course does require a basic knowledge of the Terragen user interface, and if this is your first time picking up Terragen, I recommend watching a few of the introductory videos on the TerraTuts YouTube page before getting started. 

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
Project-based learners, who want to build a complete scene start to finish.
Beginner Terragen users ready to take their scenes to the next level.
Intermediate Terragen users looking for tips, tricks, and workflow improvements.
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Terragen By Example

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