Learn the whole 3D character workflow for game in Blender

Create a commercial 3D Game Character in Blender full course

Learn the whole 3D character workflow for game in Blender
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So you were sitting there, waiting, all your life, to see first hand how a real 3D character for an actual game is created?

In real time with constant narration by a bald guy?

With nonstop life stories and super wise thougts by the grandfather of all 3d characters knowledge – Niko?

By the way this course is free in my Youtube channel, so buy it only if you really can spend the money :)!

You are in luck again! This course will give you the whole workflow process of creating a 3D character for game in Blender.

From high poly sculpting, hard surface modelling, retopology, Uv mapping to baking and texturing in Substance painter. As a bonus you get a bit more in depth Substance painter texturing, basic rigging, posing and rendering in Blender.

My name is Niko and i am 3D character artist with over 15 years of experience in the game industry. I have created lots of courses, all for 3D character creation and anatomy. This course i did with the permission of Gameloft and the character is for the game Heroes Of the Dark, available for Windows, Apple store and Android.

This is a real character for real game made entirely in realtime with all the hickups and problemsolving from a professional 3D character artist who talks alot all the time, so be advised!

As i said, the course is free on my channel in Youtube, so be careful to not accidently buy it!

In the course we will start with the most important thing – the head. We will model it and try to make it as close as possible to the concept. Then we will do the basics of the body, with arms and legs. After we will concentrate on clothes and accessories. We will make the chain and i will also show you the early concepts for the character, as i will explain the whole process of creating a character from the idea to the finished product in the game. Following we will do the gloves and do more detailing on the clothes. Applying some feedback from the lead artist will be on our list next. Then we will start modelling the weapon and we will do that for few long and hard videos, but at the end we will win again and will do last refinements and touches on the high poly like adding vertex colors to help us texturing in Substance.

With that, the long awaited process of retopology will begin. I will show you how to do manual retopology of pretty complex character in Blender without any addons and other fancy stuff. Just basic and painful reotpology. I will talk about too much stuff while retopologizing, because it will take a while. After we have done retopology for about 10 hours , we will

do the UV unwrapping and prepare the low and high poly for exporting. We will import our low and high poly in Substance painter and we will bake the needed maps, we will also fix some errors and bake few times, because that is usually how it is :).

When we are ready with baking, we will assemble the character low poly, do little texturing work and send it to the animators and texture artists.

As bonus i will show you a little extra texturing work in Substance painter, exporting textures for Blender, applying our textures in Blender, simple rigging our character, posing and rendering it, as well as making a turntable.

This course is for intermediate Blender users, since i don’t go very deep into the basics of the program. But of course you can always watch the videos in my Youtube channel and see if the course will fit you. And if you want to learn the basics of Blender 3D character creation since you are a beginner, you can always check out my Absolute beginners 3D character in Blender course.

And if you haven’t heard yet, this course is free in my youtube channel – Speedchar, i have a playlist with all videos, so you don’t really need to buy it, unless you want to have it and show your support for the bald guy.

I highly advice you to be careful with this course, because it is unique  real game character creation course, that had never been done before!

Lets dive into it!

The concept and the character are copyright of Gameloft

© 2022 Gameloft. All right reserved.

Gameloft and Heroes of the Dark are trademarks of Gameloft in the US and/or others countries.

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The course is for intermediate Blender users
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Learn the whole 3D character workflow for game in Blender

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