Learn the keys to P&L Management, Analyzing Consumption, Forecasting, Brand Health, and the Business Planning process

CPG CAMP: Brand Analytics

Learn the keys to P&L Management, Analyzing Consumption, Forecasting, Brand Health, and the Business Planning process
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The CPG Camp Brand Analytics Mini-Camp is a subset of the more comprehensive Brand Management Boot Camp. Here, you will learn how to manage the numbers behind your business like a world-class Brand Manager. This course is designed for aspiring brand managers, interns & new hires who seek a deeper understanding of brand analytics to land their dream jobs and accelerate their brand marketing careers.


Marketers lifting up marketers. Real-world marketing training & recruiting services from brand leaders to land your dream job & accelerate your brand management career in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry or wider world of Brand Marketing.

CPG Camp is the premier Brand Management training program & boot camp for aspiring Brand Marketers at the Undergraduate, MBA and professional level. The company was founded by several Brand Marketing leaders who started their careers together and soon noticed that even the most talented prospective marketers are often unprepared for the Brand Marketing interview & day 1 of an internship or full-time role.

Our purpose is simple: teach the next generation of Brand Marketing leaders what we wish we’d known. But rather than charge thousands of dollars, take up months of time or focus on just one area of the job like ‘digital media’, our signature Brand Management Boot Camp efficiently hits on all key areas of an ABM’s job with a hyper-focus on top blind spots for incoming marketers.

After training thousands from 150+ universities and organizations in 10 countries, over 90% of grads say they’d recommend our program to a peer.

The CPG Camp Brand Management training curriculum was designed by an Advisory Board that spans a variety of top companies and start-ups. It is designed to go beyond the classroom to provide a peek behind the curtain into the ‘classical training’ coveted across the Marketing world, as well as cutting edge tools used by top Marketers today. We’ll teach you the keys to breaking into & being successful in this exciting but competitive industry. While many of our students pursue jobs in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, the Brand Management fundamentals taught in our program can serve as the backbone of a successful Marketing career in Tech, Retail, Sports Marketing or really any field.

We offer a 100% online Brand Management boot camp course, as well as live boot camps (in-person or via Zoom) for groups. And for those with limited time or specific needs, we offer a series of Mini-Camps on topics like Brand Analytics, Media Planning, Creative Development, Interviewing & Marketing Strategy. Our recruiting services include the Brand Interview Playbook, the definitive guide to mastering the Marketing interview – and we also offer Resume Reviews & Mock Interviews with executives. We are happy to customize offerings to your specific needs or build a Consulting / Staffing plan from our corps of Marketing leaders & program graduates.

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Aspiring Brand Managers as the undergraduate, MBA or new professional level
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Learn the keys to P&L Management, Analyzing Consumption, Forecasting, Brand Health, and the Business Planning process

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