Master the Tools, Unleash Your Creativity

CorelDRAW Essentials: : Beginners Course for Mac & Win Users

Master the Tools, Unleash Your Creativity
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Welcome to the CorelDRAW Essentials: : Beginners Course for Mac & Win Users !

Are you eager to dive into the world of graphic design? Whether you’re a budding artist, a business owner aiming to craft captivating visuals, or a seasoned designer looking to expand your skills, this course is your gateway to mastering CorelDRAW.

In this comprehensive tutorial, we’ll embark on an exciting journey through the versatile realm of CorelDRAW. From the very basics to advanced techniques, this course is crafted to cater to beginners and seasoned designers alike, ensuring a seamless learning experience across Mac and Windows platforms.

Throughout our lessons, you’ll discover the power of CorelDRAW’s tools, unlock the secrets behind stunning designs, and gain the confidence to unleash your creativity in ways you never thought possible. From vector artistry to logo design and efficient workflow strategies, every module is meticulously designed to elevate your skills and transform your ideas into visually captivating realities.

Get ready to explore the interface, master essential tools, and embark on hands-on projects that will solidify your understanding of CorelDRAW. With step-by-step guidance and practical exercises, you’ll witness your skills flourish as you progress through the course.

Join me on this exhilarating journey into the world of graphic design with CorelDRAW. Let’s turn your creative aspirations into beautifully crafted designs!

You can learn all these tools & projects in this tutorial

1. Introduction

Introduction to CorelDRAW & graphic design

CorelDRAW workspace tour

Interface CorelDRAW

         • CorelDRAW options

         • Handling windows

         • Handling Toolbars & dockers

         • Standard toolbar

         • Property bar

         • Dockers

         • Status bar

         • Choosing a workspace

2. Document handling (CorelDRAW basics)

New document, New from template

Open document, open recent documents, close document

Save & save as template

Importing, exporting & printing

3. Important menu commands

Edit Menu Commands:

         • Undo, redo, cut, copy, paste

         • Delete, duplicate, clone, select all, find and replace

Object Menu Commands

         • Align and distribute

         • Changing order of object (to front of page, to back of page, to front of layer, to back of layer, forward once, back one…)

         • Group, ungroup and ungroup all

         • Hide, show and show all

         • Lock object, unlock object, unlock all objects

         • Combined command

         • Shaping methods (weld, trim, intersect, simplify, front minus back, back minus front)

View menu commands:

         • View modes (wireframe, normal, enhanced, pixel)

         • Ruler, guidelines, gridlines, dynamic guidelines

         • Snap to object, snap to guideline, snap to gridline

4. How to use toolbox & property bar commands

Working with pick tools flyout

         • Pick tool (select, resize, stretch, skew, rotate, mirror and etc.)

         • Freehand pick tool

         • Free transform tool

Zoom tool & pan tool (zoom in, zoom out, fit to page/ to page width/ to page height/ to contents/ to selection)

Fill tools & filling methods (properties)

         • Interactive fill tools

         • Smart fill tools

         • Mesh fill tools

         • Color eyedropper tools

         • Attribute eyedropper tools

Curve tools : Freehand tool, 2- point line tool, Bezier tool, pen tool, B-spline tool, Polyline tool, 3- point curve tool

Drawing tools & properties

         • Artistic media tool

         • Live sketch tool

         • Smart drawing tool

Rectangle tools (rectangle, 3- point rectangle)

Ellipse tools (ellipse, 3- point ellipse) honest

Shapes tools ( polygon, star, spiral, common shapes, impact tool, graph paper)

How to use tools in edit shape flyout

         • Shape tool (corner style, convert to curves, nodes and curve styles)

         • Smooth Tool

         • Smear tool

         • Twirl tool

         • Attract and repel tool

         • Smudge tool

         • Roughen tool

How to use crop tools and erase

         • Crop tool

         • Knife tool

         • Virtual segments delete tool

         • Eraser tool

Working with text tool & Table

         • Artistic text

         • Paragraph text

         • Path text

         • Table text

Dimension tools (parallel, horizontal or vertical, angular, segment, 2-leg callout)

Connector tools ( connector, anchor editing)

How to use effects tools

          • Shadow

         • Contour

         • Blend

         • Distort

         • Envelope

         • Extrude

         • Block shadow

Transparency tool & properties

5. How to Use Effects and Bitmaps Commands

Effects menu commands

Edit & trace bitmap images

6. Practical Projects

Project 01: Lets’s Illustrate a Simple Logo

Project 02: Let’s Illustrate CorelDRAW Logo

Project 03: Lets’s Illustrate LG Logo

Project 04: Let’s Illustrate an Avocado Fruit

Project 05: Let’s Create a Business Card Design

Project 06: Let’s Create a Bookmark Design

Project 07: Let’s Create a Book Cover Design

Project 08: Let’s Create a T-shirt Design

Extra Bookmark Project : Let’s Create a Bookmark Design (II)

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
Beginners who want to learn CorelDRAW from scratch
Those who expect to create practical and professional level Graphic Design using CorelDRAW
Those who aspire to become freelance designers using CorelDRAW
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Master the Tools, Unleash Your Creativity

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