The most comprehensive course for B2B content strategists

Content Strategy and Planning in B2B Marketing

The most comprehensive course for B2B content strategists
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This is a comprehensive course designed for B2B brand marketers, content marketing agencies, or individuals looking to take on the role of a content strategist. This course covers the Why, What, and How of B2B content strategy. There are plenty of examples, as well as quizzes. Students can use the helpful templates provided.

The course modules include

1. How Content Drives B2B Marketing
The most successful B2B brands have a well-defined content strategy.

2. Setting Goals for Content Marketing
How to set SMART content marketing goals.

3. Defining Buyer Personas
Conducting audience research to define buyer personas.

4. Defining Your Brand Voice
The personality and emotion infused into your content. A clear and consistent brand voice ensures all content is aligned and consistent, and goes towards creating a stronger brand.

5. Content Themes, Pillar Content, Topic Clusters
Maximizing the SEO benefits of good content. Identify the topics that will create the maximum impact.

6. Content Planning: Publishing, Promotion, Content Calendars
Well-planned execution to ensure your content strategy delivers results. Audit your current content, and create your content team and calendar.

There are plenty of examples from software, consulting, office furniture, aerospace, legal services, and more.

The course includes 24 lectures, 6 quizzes, a content strategy template, and a brand voice brainstorming process doc.

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
Entrepreneurs, corporate managers or freelancers who work to create and promote content.
Content writers who want to take a strategic approach to content
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The most comprehensive course for B2B content strategists

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