Complete Training for Beginners • Basics to Advanced • Modeling to Rendering • 3+ Maya Versions • 6+ Projects • Notes.

Comprehensive 3D Animation Course in Autodesk Maya 2020-2024

Complete Training for Beginners • Basics to Advanced • Modeling to Rendering • 3+ Maya Versions • 6+ Projects • Notes.
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Do you want to start a career in 3D Animation or Visual Effects?

Do you want to create something from your imagination that looks very real?

Do you want to build all those great things that you watch in movies?

Welcome to the Comprehensive 3D Animation Course in Autodesk Maya!

In this course, you’ll learn how to create realistic-looking 3D objects, 3D scenes, 3D animation, title animation, and a whole lot of other things.

What you will get in this course: –

Practical-based theory lessons (videos).

Step-by-step practical exercises (videos).

A separate step-by-step practical exercise in PDF.

Important notes in PDF for every chapter.

Ready-made project files for self-practice.

300+ objective questions and 4+ Practical Assignments for testing your skills.

A reference sheet in PDF for essential keyboard shortcuts.

An extra essential and interesting lesson as a bonus.

Additional lessons for learning the newer versions of the software up to 3 major versions.

A Certificate of Completion.

Links to free learning resources.

Lifetime access to this course and all its resources.

​The first objective of this course is to help you understand the core concepts of 3D and 3D animation, and how you can practice that art within a platform such as Autodesk Maya.

During this course, we will be using Autodesk Maya, which is the industry-standard software for 3D animation, used in all the major Hollywood films today.

This is a complete course for beginners where we will go through the entire process of creating 3D animation, right from modeling to rendering, to create our final shots.

You can follow this course in all the latest versions of Autodesk Maya right from 2020 or even 2018.

​One of the main objectives of this course is to make you version-independent, meaning that you won’t be limited to any particular version of Maya as you complete this course. You will be able to work in any version of Maya, no matter how latest or older it is. As long as you understand the concepts, you’ll know how to find your way out.

​This course starts right from the ground level where you know nothing as you begin. I have tried to keep this course as simple as possible so that beginners don’t find it difficult to learn or grab the essential concepts. Once you successfully grasp the fundamental concepts of how everything is working, you will be able to try anything, even more advanced and complex than what you learn in this course.

And if you’re in shortage of time, this course can be completed in just 30 days or even 5 hours!

So don’t wait any longer! This is your moment to add something creative to your skills; something that you can always use to reflect your creativity and imagination.

And yes, make sure, you watch the trailer of this course and also download the FAQ sheet which contains the answers to most of your questions regarding this course and 3D animation.

So, just enroll in this course today and let us get started!

You can download the FAQ Sheet from the official website of Innovledia or its channel on YouTube.

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À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
This course is perfect for students who want to get started with 3D animation or visual effects and be professionally trained, or who want to simply upgrade or brush up their existing knowledge and skills to become even better.
This course is also a good beginning for Graphic and UI Designers, Website Designers, 2D Concept Artists, 2D Animators, and even Developers who wish to upgrade their skills to 3D but face technical challenges in learning and understanding the concepts.
In other words, this course is for all the people who think learning 3D is hard and complicated. Everything has been made simple and yet fascinating to learn. Take this course as a new beginning or use it as a supplementary.
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Complete Training for Beginners • Basics to Advanced • Modeling to Rendering • 3+ Maya Versions • 6+ Projects • Notes.

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