Learn Product Design From the Ground Up

Complete Product Design From Home Course

Learn Product Design From the Ground Up
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At Home Engineering The Course has helped thousands of people worldwide to learn CAD and product design.

This is the course to learn CAD, product design, and engineering fundamentals. I have over 8 years of experience designing and building in industry and research, and I have a Masters of Science in mechanical engineering from the U of MN. I was a mechanical engineer at Google [X], and I’ve worked with multiple world-leading researchers in technology.

After taking this course, you will be able to make custom parts from almost any material, including metal, plastic, ceramic, and composites, enhancing you through tools and knowledge. Using modern, professional, and free tools, I bring together the best of the internet to get you designing and building in 2021.

You’ll Learn:

CAD from the ground up.  What CAD program to use, the 4 methods to draw any part in 3D, and bringing your product to motion

Simplified materials: How to choose materials for your designs, whether a metal, plastic, ceramic, or composite — AND when to choose them.

The 6 manufacturing methods to produce any part.  You’ll also learn programs and websites to get your parts made.  With these 6, you can command real parts from your computer to your door. 

How to produce quality 3D images that can be used for marketing

Design a product!  I take you through a design from idea to final design 

Check out the course outline. 

I don’t just teach you CAD, I teach you CAD mindset and methods when you are designing.  I teach you the list of “need to know” manufacturing methods.  I simplify materials for you, and give you go-to materials that will meet almost all of your needs.   

The course is built to get anyone up and running, drawing parts in 3D in a CAD program, and getting them made.  Whether you want to build an idea you have, sharpen your design skills or are new to product design altogether, this course will take you there.   

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Anyone looking to build real products from their home.
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Learn Product Design From the Ground Up

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