Learn The Complete Character Design Workflow for Drawing, Inking & Coloring Stunning Comic Book Women

Comic Book Character Design: Superheroines

Learn The Complete Character Design Workflow for Drawing, Inking & Coloring Stunning Comic Book Women
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In this 5+ hour video character design demonstration you’ll learn an easy to follow, step by step method for creating beautiful comic book women from start to finish. Each lesson is concise and to the point, cutting out the fluff and leaving you with a clear guide that’ll reveal how it’s all done.

You’ll learn the complete production workflow for designing, drawing, inking and coloring three female comic book character designs using a combination of Manga Studio and Photoshop. Along the way I’ll explain my creative process in detail and show you the exact techniques I use to digitally illustrate high quality, professional looking comic book character concept art.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside the course:

Chapter 1 – Preliminary Character Design:

The course starts out by taking you through the preliminary design phase of character design, where we’ll brainstorm ideas for 5 different Superheroine concepts that we could potentially develop into finished designs. This initial stage is all about kickstarting your imagination so that you’re able to get something down onto the page right away.

Chapter 2 – Foundations:

Then we’ll pick 3 Superheroine character designs to develop into finished concepts – as we draft up a series of striking poses that exude confidence, power and maximum sexiness! We’ll map out the anatomy and the key muscle groups throughout their body to make sure they’re all structured correctly. Our primary goal in this chapter is to establish a solid foundation for each character concept that we can build our ultimate character design around.

Chapter 3 – Character Design Draft:

Next we’ll begin developing a more definitive design for our character concepts right over the top of their pose! This stage is all about experimentation, exploration and nailing down final the look of our Superheroines. It’s the fun part – where we get to build upon the preliminary idea we came up with earlier and take it to a more refined level.

Chapter 4-6 – Inking:

Now we’re ready to ink! In this lesson you’ll learn how to define your pencils with sharp, slick and energetic line art. I’ll show you how to implement Weight Variation to ramp-up the appeal of your contours, how to render tone, materials, value and texture details, and how to accurately place shadows according to your light source. On top of that you’ll learn how to accurately ink hair, clothing, armor, leather and robotic-tech.

Chapter 7-10 – Coloring:

The last four chapters of the course are dedicated to coloring – How to pick complementary color schemes that are pleasing to the eye and contrast well with the design; and how to light, shade and render the individual aspects of each character’s anatomy, costuming and hairstyle. I’ll explain in comprehensive detail why and how I approach the coloring process in the way I do, to ensure predictable and consistent results in the finished presentation of my character designs.


Video Lessons

The core lessons in this course cover as span of 5.5 hours in total, spanning across 10 separate chapters that each focus on a specific aspect of the character design workflow used to create 3 unique Superheroine concepts.


This course comes with a number of assignments (9 in total) that have been put together for you to implement the comic book character design methods and techniques learned throughout each Chapter. Each assignment includes as task, aim and recap on the accompanying Chapter to highlight the key insights that were taught throughout the lesson. Some include a questionnaire to help you reflect on your progress and assess your approach so that you can achieve better results.

Coloring Guide

This companion guide was created as a complimentary reference booklet that you can use to reference and compose a variety of color combinations that work extremely well! The 8 page PDF features a standard color wheel, multiple color schemes and a detailed color psychology wheel to help anchor certain emotions, moods and feelings to your Superheroine character designs. You’ll also find a break down of the color palette’s used for each Superheroine along with and overview of the coloring process for quick review.

Photoshop Files and Brushes

The PSD files and Brushes used throughout this course are included inside the package. All layers are separated, organised and named correctly so that you can go through and dissect every aspect of the project file to your heart’s content. They can also be opened in Manga Studio. With access to these files, you’ll also be able to crosscheck them with your own to make sure you’re on track.

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover and I can’t wait to show you what’s in store. So buckle up, strap in and lets get started!

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Learn The Complete Character Design Workflow for Drawing, Inking & Coloring Stunning Comic Book Women

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