A Step-By-Step Guide

Building Your UX Writing Portfolio

A Step-By-Step Guide
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Ce que vous allez apprendre dans ce cours



Please note that this course does not include a review of your personal portfolio. We can, however, discuss all of your questions, worries, and concerns about creating your portfolio in detail – as always!

The field of UX Writing is on the rise, and that does not only mean that the number of great working opportunities is increasing. It also means that there are more and more amazing UX Writers out there who want to try their luck. For applying for UX Writing jobs – whether for freelancing or full-time positions – having a well-thought-out and carefully crafted state-of-the-art portfolio is crucial. Why? Simple:

For showcasing UX Writing skills and experiences, a UX Writing portfolio is necessary.

However, many UX Writers have quite a hard time building their portfolio: Some have never worked on a real-life UX project before, others don’t know which of their work samples to include, some don’t know which platform might be the right choice for hosting their portfolio, and others are simply scared of tackling the task and actually get started.

If any of the above applies to you, don’t worry, because this course right here has your back!

What you will learn

In this course, you will learn

which elements to include in your UX Writing portfolio

how to ensure high quality in your UX Writing portfolio

which projects to include in your UX Writing portfolio

how to get work samples for your UX Writing portfolio when you have no experience

how to choose the right platform to host your portfolio

how to choose a high-quality design for your portfolio

which skills a freelance UX Writer needs

and much more

We will work with a step-by-step tutorial so that you will leave this course with your very own UX Writing portfolio.

Who should join

This course is a great match for all UX Writers, juniors, intermediates, and seniors, freelancers, employed, unemployed – whoever you are, if you are currently concerned about crafting your very own UX Writing portfolio, this course is for you.

Sounds good? Then join this class and leave it with your very own, high-quality UX Writing portfolio!

If you want to take all of my UX Writing courses, here is the order recommend:

1 Introduction To UX Writing

2 Transitioning To UX Writing

3 Accessible UX Writing

4 UX Writing: Finding Your Voice and Tone

5 UX Writing in Practice: Documentation & Processes

6 User Research And Testing For UX Writing

7 Inclusive UX Writing: Physical Abilities & Neurodivergence

8 Inclusive UX Writing: Gender, Race & Age

9 Culture-Based UX Writing

10 Localization in UX Writing

11 Fighting „Dark“ UX Writing: How To Write Kind UX Copy

12 Building Your UX Writing Portfolio

13 Freelancing in UX Writing

Please note that all courses stand for themselves and that you don’t need to take any course as a prerequisite for taking another one. You don’t have to follow this order. This is only my very own suggestion, which is especially helpful when you need guidance on which course to pick next.

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?
UX Writers – experienced or new to the field – who think about building their portfolio
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A Step-By-Step Guide

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